Feb. 12, 2024
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UWG hosts Inaugural State Agency Career Fair

The University of West Georgia recently hosted an inaugural event that brought together students and prospective employers from across the state and fostered a promising avenue for career growth.

Organized by UWG’s Office of Career Services in partnership with the Department of Civic Engagement and Public Service, the university’s first-ever State Agency Career Fair represented a significant milestone in the institution’s commitment to empowering students with tangible pathways to success.

Dr. Dawn Tatum, UWG’s director of career services, said representatives from 23 state agencies were eager to engage with the nearly 150 students present who represented the next generation of talent. Agencies present included the state departments of education, juvenile justice and transportation.

UWG hosts Inaugural State Agency Career Fair

“The comments from the agencies that our students were prepared and engaged reflects the great work the career development staff does with our students,” she said. “UWG wants every student to have wonderful opportunities and to build their résumés with compelling, real-world experiences as they continue their academic journey so they become confident and have job offers in hand when they graduate.”

The success of the State Agency Career Fair reaffirms UWG’s strategic plan to launch students’ careers before graduation. By providing students with access to real-world experiences and networking opportunities, the university equips them with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in their chosen fields. As UWG continues to prioritize student success and career readiness, events like the State Agency Career Fair serve as catalysts for fostering a culture of excellence and achievement on campus.

UWG hosts Inaugural State Agency Career Fair

“This event would not have been possible without the Georgia Department of Administrative Services, which was very generous in helping support agencies with funding to attend the event,” explained Tatum. “This was a first-of-its-kind event in the state of Georgia, and we are thrilled to offer opportunities like this that showcase our institution as preparing students for successful careers before graduation.” 

Looking ahead, UWG remains committed to building upon the momentum generated by the State Agency Career Fair. By fostering strong partnerships with state entities and providing students access to valuable resources and experiences, UWG continues to position itself as a first-choice university in preparing students for successful careers in an ever-evolving job market.