May 8, 2024
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The University of West Georgia continues to set the pace as the fastest-growing university in the comprehensive sector, achieving a remarkable “three-peat” in enrollment growth.

UWG students walking on campus

Recent data released by the University System of Georgia (USG) highlights UWG as the sole institution in the state to sustain this achievement over the past three semesters, surpassing other comprehensive universities like Kennesaw State, Valdosta State and Georgia Southern. 

The breakdown of the enrollment data showcases several key highlights: 

  • Total Enrollment: With a Spring 2024 enrollment of 12,458 students, UWG experienced an 11.4% increase over the previous year, showcasing UWG’s commitment to curating a first-choice university
  • Graduate Enrollment: Since last spring, graduate enrollment surged by over 41%, with 4,541 students choosing to pursue advanced degrees at UWG. This remarkable increase underscores UWG’s dedication to offering robust graduate programs that prepare students for success. 
  • Dual Enrollment: In a remarkable leap, dual enrollment grew by more than 8% in one year. Nearly 1,000 students have chosen UWG for their dual enrollment journey, highlighting UWG’s reputation for providing enriched educational opportunities for high school students. 

Dr. Brendan Kelly, UWG’s president, noted this achievement reflects UWG’s ongoing efforts to prioritize student-centered initiatives and innovative academic programs.

“We are thrilled to be celebrating a remarkable ‘three-peat’ as the only institution in the state to sustain enrollment growth,” said Kelly. “This accomplishment is the underpinning of our commitment to delivering a transformative educational experience that fosters exceptional outcomes for our students. As we build on this success, solidifying our position as a leader in higher education, we remain dedicated to providing innovative programs, personalized support and a vibrant community that empowers our students to achieve their fullest potential.” 

UWG’s approach to enhancing enrollment, supported by the Division of Strategic Enrollment Management, includes an emphasis on experiential learning, enhanced academic programs, mentorship opportunities, and a campus that fosters a sense of belonging and connectedness. 

“Our strategic approach to enrollment growth has yielded exceptional results, as evidenced by our continued increase in student enrollment,” said Kimberly Scranage, UWG’s vice president for strategic enrollment management. “We are dedicated to offering high-quality education in a supportive environment, and we look forward to continuing to welcome more students to the University of West Georgia.”

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