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Gregory T. Payne, Ph.D.

Dr. Gregory Payne

I grew up in Georgia and received my Bachelor of Science in Biology from Georgia College.  I earned my Master of Science and doctorate degrees in Entomology from Clemson University and trained as a postdoctoral scientist at Cornell University.  After two years of working in industry agricultural chemicals company, I missed the academic lifestyle and interaction with students and came to the University of West Georgia where I am now in my 30th year as a professor of Biology.  I teach Human Anatomy & Physiology, Entomology, Invertebrate Zoology, Toxicology, and Comparative Animal Physiology.

My research in Entomology – the study of insects – may seem unusual to many; however, my research has brought state-wide and regional recognition to the University of West Georgia.  My students and I monitor the development of insecticide resistance in various pests of field crops including cotton, corn, tobacco, peanuts, and soybeans.  The data generated by this research helps growers and agricultural research scientists develop and implement insect control strategies. 

My research has allowed me to collaborate with other UWG professors, with researchers from other universities, and with researchers from government agencies and industry.  Along with keeping tabs on how insect populations respond to insecticides, I have also participated in local watershed assessment projects, a project to characterize the immune response in a local fish species, projects to monitor the accumulation of metals in the aquatic insect and fish populations of a local stream, and in insect diversity projects.  Along with other faculty, I fund and oversee a Biology Program apiary and two campus pollinator garden projects.

In recent years, I have served as the Biology Program Coordinator, Associate Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, and as Chair of the Department of Biology.  Currently, I am serving as Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences which is composed of the following five programs:  Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, and Physics.

  • B.S., Biology, Georgia College, 1980
  • M.S., Entomology, Clemson University, 1982
  • Ph.D., Entomology, Clemson University, 1987

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