Abigail Kolb

My research is multidisciplinary, and has focused on the intersection of race, class, and gender inequalities within the criminal justice system. Specifically, I have focused on the unique issues that women of color face in corrections, their corporeal experiences within the carceral system, and their individual and collective mechanisms of agency.

In addition, I have worked as a clinical and forensic social worker for over a decade, with various populations, and primarily with sexual offenders. Currently, my research revolves around sex offender treatment.

Beyond my research, I serve as the Site Director for Prison Education Programs and teach courses at a Level V (maximum security) prison in Georgia. At this facility, the University of West Georgia (UWG) has implemented a 4-year Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program. We are currently in our first semester with our inaugural cohort! 

  • B.S., Bachelor of Social Work, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2005
  • M.S., Master of Science - Clinical Social Work, Columbia University, 2006
  • PhD, Doctor of Philosophy - Criminology, Simon Fraser University, 2015

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  • CRIM-2245 (Juvenile Delinquency) Section: E01
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  • CRIM-2245 (Juvenile Delinquency) Section: E01
  • CRIM-4279 (Race and Crime) Section: 01
  • CRIM-4280 (Sex Offenders) Section: E02

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Race, class, and gender inequality in the criminal justice system

Qualitative research; sex offender treatment; race, class, gender, and crime; criminal justice system