Rosa Traversa, Ph.D.

She holds a PhD in Psychology from University of Bari, Italy. Her doctoral dissertation was focused on carnal knowing as constitutive of psychological domain. Her main research fields are religion, moral dilemmas, female networking activities as different kinds of power arising from the margin. After navigating ideological landscapes over female subjectivities through psychosemiotics, she has dedicated her entire research work around the concept of 'embodied sense-making' and to question the public vs. private dichotomy. The body as a text-of-power is central to her current research agenda on pleasure and pain dynamics as cultural influences in psychology, as well as in a new approach to mortality through case-studies of spiritual martyrs and end-of-life (technological) experiences.

During her visiting at Clark University (2010-2011, Worcester, MA, US) under the supervision of Jaan Valsiner and Rachel Falmagne, she has been able to make the most of all available opportunities in exploring new qualitative methodologies and fostering dialogue between different academic fields in social science. Since then, she became a regular participant to the international research network held by Jaan Valsiner, Giuseppina Marsico and Luca Tateo:,

Her scientific interests are deeply interconnected with the issues of the role of art in society. She has published articles on international and peer-review journals such as Culture & Psychology, Integrative Psychological & Behavioral Science, Human Arenas, International Journal for Dialogical Science, International Journal of Body, Mind & Culture and About Gender-Journal of Gender Studies. 

Rosa Traversa has been Full-Time Lecturer in Psychology from March 2017 to May 2019 at the University of New York in Tirana. She is also affiliated to IBEF- International Centre of Excellence on Innovative Learning, Teaching Environments and Practices, ECNU, Shanghai, China since September 2020.

Member of the Division 52 - International Psychology - of the American Psychological Association.

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