A Versatile 21st Century Major

The B.S. in Sociology provides students with the skills dictated by the 21st century labor market, while allowing students the flexibility to design the program to meet their needs and interests.

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Sociology: Make a Difference

The University of West Georgia’s Sociology Program is home to a collaborative and compassionate group of scholars who are committed to student success and serving the local community.

If you want to serve, become an advocate, or effect change in your community, choose Sociology. Take skills-based classes in race, health, gender, poverty, family, globalization, social work, social policy, interview methods, and data analysis. A degree in Sociology will empower you to become an effective leader, advocate, and service-provider in your community and beyond.

Sociology prepares students for careers in social services, government, human resources, and non-profit organizations. Our students go on to become social workers, non-profit administrators, policy analysts, housing counselors, case managers, human resource managers, and other change-making careers.

During their coursework, sociology students interact directly with reliable and trustworthy faculty who move them toward their career goals.

Sociology Degrees

Land Your Dream JobLand Your Dream Job

Three Students walking on campus.

Land Your Dream Job

UWG sociology degrees prepare students for a virtually endless list of jobs. Sociology gives you the freedom to explore many career paths such as:

  • Occupational Counseling Outreach

  • Project Management

  • Public Services

  • Researcher

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Social Services

Small Class SizesSmall Class Sizes

Shaffer at UWG

Small Class Sizes

“What I learned in the Sociology M.A. program translates to both of the jobs I hold. It gave me knowledge and better understanding of underserved communities and how to better equip them with the skills they need to succeed.”

-La’sha Mitchell

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