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The mission of Accessibility and Testing Services is to provide departmental, institutional and national testing opportunities to students and non-students in an atmosphere which enables them to perform to the best of their abilities.
We aim to create an atmosphere that relies on test administration practices which:
  1. Adhere to nationally recognized professional testing standards and government regulations,
  2. Maintain the integrity of the testing process by incorporating ethical standards and security measures,
  3. Treat all examinees in a professional yet personable manner.
The UWG testing office adheres to the standards and guidelines of the National College Testing Association, or NCTA. For more information, check out the NCTA website: NCTA.

The Office of Accessibility and Testing Services at UWG works with our students, faculty, administration and external customers to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment that is accessible to all. We work with our students to support them in their academic journey by encouraging advocacy in all areas, independence and clear communication to help them achieve their educational goals.

Our office provides the tools needed to help execute a plan that is tailored to our students in need of special accommodations and other support as needed to help each student live up to the demands college life might bring. It is also the home of testing services where we accommodate anyone needing a space and/or proctor to test either for admissions, class, employment, and much more.

Accessibility and Testing Services Breakout

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services at the University of West Georgia is committed to providing access to campus resources and opportunities to allow students with specific accommodation needs for a quality educational experience at UWG.

Email accessibility-services@westga.edu for more information.

Testing Services

The Testing Office is readily available to UWG students and community members across Georgia and surrounding regions. We offer various test that will accommodate what you may need for class admissions or employment.

Email testwest@westga.edu for more information.



Contact Us

Accessibility and Testing Services

Accessibility Services Email: accessibility-services@westga.edu

Accessibility Services Phone: (678) 839-2328 

Testing Services Email: testwest@westga.edu

Testing Services Phone: (678) 839-6435 

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Address: Education Center (406 West Georgia Drive, Carrollton GA 30118)