Graduate School empowers students to continue their education, develop professionally and personally, and can lead to more opportunities within the workforce. Let Career Services help you decide if Graduate School is right for you and how to go about pursuing a post-undergraduate degree.

Is Graduate School Right For Me?

Not sure of what your next steps should be once you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree? For many rising graduates, third and fourth year students, moving straight into a career isn’t a possibility. Whether your career path requires graduate school, or you’ve found inspiration to pursue a post-undergraduate education elsewhere, we understand the amount of work that goes in committing to and completing your graduate education. That said, our office provides support in researching programs, applying to programs, and finding financial support for graduate learning.

Tips for Pursuing Graduate School:

  • Research the program - the name of the school isn't as important as the access the program offers its students.
  • Research the faculty - Many graduate applications want you to share your research interest and knowing that there are faculty that have your research interest in your topic is invaluable. Additionally, those faculty become great mentors and networking opportunities.
  • Reach out to the school - Talk to the program coordinator, director, or chair about the program. Talk to the faculty. Ask intentional questions. If you can, visit the school and see it first-hand.
  • Explore methods of paying for graduate school - Determine if there are any graduate assistantships, tuition waivers, or other positions available to aid in paying for graduate school. If not, evaluate what that particular school or program offers to make the cost worth it.


Graduate Assistantships

Types of Graduate School Assistantships

  • Graduate Assistants - Students enrolled in graduate school who work a set number of hours per week in any area or department on campus and, in return, receive a tuition waiver and, oftentimes, a monthly living stipend.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants - Students enrolled in the graduate school who are assigned instructional duties in a course regardless of the student's specific instructional responsibilities in an academic course and receive a tuition waiver and/or living stipend to cover the cost of graduate school.
  • Graduate Research Assistants - Students enrolled in the graduate school who are assigned to assist one or more faculty members in the conduct of research and receives a tuition waiver and/or living stipend to cover the cost of graduate school.

Learn more about UWG Graduate Assistantships.

How to Apply

  1. Go to the institution's Graduate School Page or Human Resources page and search "Assistantships"
  2. Select the assistantship position you would like to apply
  3. Follow all instructions and upload all appropriate documentation
  4. Ensure you get the required amount of references
  5. Most schools require you to apply to the school first, then the assistantship. Learn the process of the particular institution you are applying for
  6. Keep track of all application deadlines
  7. Treat this like applying for a traditional job or internship


Search the open UWG Graduate Assistantships through the UWG Human Resources portal.

Learn more about the UWG Graduate School offerings via the Grad School website.