The Assistive Technology (AT) Lab is an Accessibility Services Resource for students at the University of West Georgia.

  • Rules for the AT Lab
    Adhere to the following: 
    • All lab users must swipe their ID card to enter the lab.
    • Food or drink is not allowed at the computers.
    • Students may use the equipment for one hour after they have signed in. If there are no requests for the equipment, students may stay longer than one hour, but may be asked to give up a workstation if other students subsequently request access to the equipment. First, people not registered with Accessibility Services must give up their workstation; second, Accessibility Services student workers; and then it's first in first out.
    • Personal software should not be loaded on lab computers.
    • No student will be given permission to use the lab during the infrequent times that the lab is being used for classroom teaching. As much advance notice as possible will be given when the lab is scheduled for use as a classroom.
    • The lab monitor has the right to ask anyone to leave the lab for violations of these policies.
    • No one-to-one instruction regarding use of the adaptive technology can be guaranteed. If training greater than what is available in the lab is needed, students should consult the Assistive Technology Specialist for the office of Accessibility Services.
    • Generally, the lab monitors will assist with setting up the equipment at the workstation, answer general AT questions, and assist with printing of hard copies of materials if the student is unable to do so independently.
    • University faculty and staff may use the lab during open hours with the understanding that the primary purpose of the lab is for students with disabilities.Headphones are required for students reading audio books. Users are required to supply their own headphones.
    • All personal items are to be kept under the desk or out of the walkway.
    • Noise is to be kept at a minimum. All phone and personal conversations should be taken out to the lobby. All lab users should be considerate of other students using the lab.
    • The phone is for lab worker use only. Personal calls are not permitted.
    • The ITS Acceptable Use Policy also governs the use of this lab.
  • Student Responsibilities
    Students, take note:
    • Register with the Accessibility Services office by following appropriate intake procedures.
    • If all computers are occupied place your name on a waiting list. Computer use is limited to one hour if there is a wait.
    • Use care when operating lab equipment and respect the integrity of the equipment. Do not change the control panel settings, add or delete programs, or alter the computers in any other manner.
    • Workstations are for academic pursuits only. Please leave workstation as you found it.
    • Save your work on a flash memory drive or similar device. Personal files left on computers will be deleted. Lab staff are not responsible for any data loss regardless of cause.
    • Restrict printing to 25 pages. Multiple copies of final drafts must be made at the student's expense at a commercial copying facility.
    • Lab assistants are available to answer AT questions only. Lab assistants cannot help with academic advising, assignments, or research.
    • Consumption of food or beverage is prohibited.
    • Copying computer software or other copyright protected data is prohibited.
    • Notify AT Lab Staff if you need a workstation with an attached scanner. An appointment may be required during times of peak usage. Students may not store the images on the hard disk of the computer.
    • Contact the AT Coordinator to request training on any available assistive hardware or software.
    • Report any problems immediately to the Lab Assistant on duty. Do not try to fix the equipment yourself.
  • Accessibility Services Responsibilities
    Be aware of the following:
    • Ensure the Assistive Technology Computer Lab policies are available for student's review.
    • Monitor lab usage to ensure an academic environment is maintained.
    • Provide computer hardware/software to assist students with academic pursuit and update hardware/software as needed and as budgetary constraints allow.
    • Consult with faculty, staff, and students regarding the use of adaptive technology.
    • Respond to problems with equipment and provide repairs in a reasonable time frame.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    What can I do in the AT Lab?

    The AT Lab is intended for students to have access to a computer lab that contains various assistive software and hardware to allow access to electronic and print materials.

    Where is the AT Lab?

    It is located on the first floor of the library. When exiting Starbucks into the library, travel straight ahead and the lab is located in the alcove on your right.

    How do I get access to the AT Lab?

    To gain access to the AT Lab, students must request access from Accessibility Services by emailing Chris Childress at Students requesting access will be sent the Assistive Technology Lab Student Agreement to sign and return. Access will be granted once this form is returned.

    Who may use the AT Lab?

    Only students registered with the office of Accessibility Services and students studying assistive technology may use the Assistive Technology Lab.

    Can I bring other students with me to the AT Lab?

    Students are permitted to have assistants working with them in the lab. The assistant is only permitted to use a computer independent of the student they are working with if there is a workstation available. If there is demand for the workstation they must give it up.

    What do Lab Assistants do?

    Lab Assistants will provide support for Assistive Technology available in the lab. They will not answer general tech support questions.

    What do I have to provide for myself?

    Students will need a pair of headphones to use the readers and a flash drive to store data.

    Who do I contact if there is a problem?

    Contact detailing the problem.

    What do I do if someone is violating AT Lab policy?

    If a lab monitor is not present report the issue to detailing the situation.

    How do I log on?

    Use your UWG ID and password for access to the machines.

    Who do I contact for technical assistance?

    Email with details on the issue.

    Can my lab privileges be revoked?

    Yes, repeated abuse of the space or equipment will result in removal of your lab privileges.