This page contains how-to guides and instructions for completing financial aid related processes.

The following document explains how to accept or decline federal student loans.

Student Loans Borrowing Requirements (PDF, 1018K)

This document will explain how to apply for a Parent PLUS Loan. (We will begin processing Parent PLUS Loan Applications in mid-June).

How to complete an application for the Parent PLUS Loan (PDF, 764K)

More Information about the Parent PLUS Loan

What is the Parent PLUS Loan (video): 

Tips on Borrowing Student Loans

More Tips on Borrowing Student Loans (video):

This document contains vital steps that must be taken after accepting your student loans. If this step is not completed after accepting loans, the loans will not be reflected on your student bill.

How to complete the MPN (Master Promissory Note) and Loan Entrance Counseling after accepting your student loans (PDF, 1018K)

Completing the MPN and Loan Entrance Counseling (video):

This document will explain how to submit a Financial Aid SAP Appeal for Pace of Progression, GPA, and/or Maximum Time Frame Suspension.

How to appeal a Financial Aid Suspension (PDF, 339K)

Standard Academic Progress (SAP) explained (video): 

Family contribution appeals are in place to ensure FAFSA Application data elements accurately reflect a student's/family's financial situation. If your family experienced an involuntary change in income, please watch the informational video below for your next steps.

Click Here to Watch the Recorded Video

This document will explain how to request IRS tax information and provide steps to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer your income tax information to the FAFSA.

How to link your tax information to the FAFSA application or request other IRS related documents (PDF, 452K)

The IRS data retrieval tool explained (video): 

This document will provide instructions on how to submit a Loan Change Request Form, if you need to request a change/cancellation of your loan.

How to change your loan amount after acceptance (PDF, 394K)

You may use up to $750 of your financial aid refund at the University of West Georgia Bookstore as a Bookstore to the Rescue credit. To determine if you have a financial aid refund and determine the amount you are eligible to charge at the Bookstore, please follow these directions. This document will explain how to register for "Bookstore to the Rescue."

How to utilize "Bookstore to the Rescue" (PDF, 441K)