Faculty Staff Medical Services

UWG Faculty/Staff Treatment Protocols

In a desire to provide UWG employees a convenient source of health care for acute care problems, Health Services will be providing a limited number of appointments each day for faculty and staff. There will be two types of appointments: A) nurse appointments for such things as vital sign checks, vaccinations, TB skin tests and B) a provider appointment for acute ailments such as sore throats, bronchitis, UTI.

  • Treatments will be offered only to current UWG faculty/staff employees (not family or retirees)
  • There will be limited appointment slots each day so as to not interfere with students getting timely appointments. If the need for student-designated appointment slots increases, then faculty/staff appointment slots will decrease accordingly
  • Only episodic, acute care treatment will be offered. Chronic disease will not be treated and the care will not supplant the need for a patient to have ongoing care from a primary care provider (PCP). Mental health treatment or gynecological services will not be offered through Health Services to faculty/staff.
  • The cost for a provider visit will be $50. The cost for a nurse visit will be $35. All patients will be responsible in addition to pay for any tests or medical devices. The missed appointment fee (appointments not canceled at least 2 hours before the scheduled visit) is $35
  • Since Health Services currently does not file insurance, faculty/staff patients will need to pay at the time of service. If they wish to file with their insurance, an itemized bill will be given to them upon request
  • Medications may be purchased at the Health Services pharmacy if it is part of our current inventory, but special orders will not be made. For any medications that we do not carry, a writte prescription will be provided. We will also not prescribe/dispense scheduled drugs (such as narcotics, depressants, stimulants, etc.) or psychiatric medications.

More information under the frequently asked questions tab.

Who can seek treatment at UWG Health Services?

  • Students: Currently enrolled students who have paid the $101 Health Fee or elect to pay the $101 Health Fee. Student-employees will be considered students and must pay the student health fee to be seen at Health Services
  • Faculty/Staff: Current employees of UWG. Health Services will not treat retirees or family of faculty and staff

How are appointments made?

  • Appointments can be made the day before or the day of service until the designated number of faculty/staff appointment slots for that day are filled. If there are student-designated slots later in the day that haven’t been filled, then these may become available as well.
  • Call 678-839-6452 to check for appointment availability.

What conditions will be evaluated/treated at Health Services?

  • Acute illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, sore throats, urinary tract infections, gastroenteritis, minor musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Those needing a basic physical exam (not requiring blood work)
  • Nurse Visits: Hepatitis B titers, immunizations (other than COVID which are currently available once a week), blood pressure checks, PPD placement (additional charge for the medication - at cost)
  • Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease, cardiac disease, etc. will not be treated. (A short “bridge” refill of medications might be considered at the provider’s discretion, depending on the type of drug, until you can get into see your family doctor). Gynecological care will not be provided.
  • Because Health Services is not an official blood draw station, we cannot draw blood tests ordered from outside doctor’s offices.
  • Note: Any work comp-related injuries still need to follow current Office of Human Resources protocols and will not be treated at UWG Health Services

Will follow up be done at Health Services?

  • No. Follow up for conditions seen at Health Services need to be followed up with your family doctor.
  • If an urgent condition is discovered, your family doctor will be notified or you will be referred to the Tanner ER.
  • If a specialist is needed, a referral will be provided.

What kind of medications will not be prescribed?

  • No prescriptions or refills of “scheduled” drugs such as anxiety medications (Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, etc), sleep medications (Ambien, Lunesta, etc), opioid pain medications (Hydrocodone, oxycodone, tramadol, etc) will be given.
  • No psychiatric medications will be prescribed.

Can medications be purchased at the Health Services pharmacy?

  • If the pharmacy carries the prescribed medications, then you can fill your prescription at the pharmacy.
  • Prices usually are between $5-$10.
  • If the pharmacy does not carry the needed medication or if you wish to fill the medication at your pharmacy, the provider can write a prescription
  • The pharmacy does not file insurance.

How much does it cost to be seen?

  • To see a provider for an acute illness or physical exam will cost $50. This does not include the cost of any tests (see below), medications or medical devices, such as splints.
  • To see a nurse (for blood draws, checking of vital signs, PPD placement, etc.), will cost $35.
    We do not file insurance, so payment will be expected at the time of service, but we do accept credit cards, HSA cards, checks, and cash.
  • If you wish to see if you can recoup your costs through your insurance provider, we will provide you with an itemized copy of your bill for you to file with your insurance.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

  • Missed appointments that are not canceled at least two hours before the appointment will result in a $35 charge.

What tests can I get done at Health Services? How much do they cost?

  • Flu - $20
  • Glucose - $5
  • Hemoglobin - $15
  • Mono - $15
  • Pregnancy - $5
  • Strep - $15
  • Urinalysis - $5
  • Rapid COVID19 - $10 for faculty/staff
    (Prices are accurate as of 8/1/22)

What procedures can I have performed at Health Services (Cost in addition to provider visit charge)

  • I.V. Fluids: $50
  • Suturing of Laceration: $50
  • Ingrown Toenail Removal: $40
  • Freezing of Warts: $20
  • Lancing of Abscess: $40

Does the clinic have X-ray or ultrasound capabilities?

  • Currently, Health Services does not offer these services.
  • The UWG provider at his/her discretion may order an outpatient study if they feel it is necessary.

Will Mental Health/Advocacy be offered?



Patients receiving health care services at the Health Center and pharmacy at The University of West Georgia have certain privacy rights granted by Georgia law and by a federal privacy law protecting the privacy of patient education records called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  The purpose of this notice is to assure you of the Health Center's compliance with these laws and to provide information about the confidentiality protections provided to you based on our policy.