Overview: How Waitlists Work

  • If a class is closed, you may register yourself on the waitlist.
  • A student may only enroll in one waitlist class section per course title (ex. only one section of ENGL 1101).
  • A student will not be permitted to enroll on a waitlist if he/she is enrolled in another section of the same course.
  • A student will only be permitted to enroll on a waitlist if he/she meets the prerequisite/co-requisites for the course.
  • Waitlisting is not available for lecture/lab co-requisite sections.
  • Waitlisting will be turned off to new additions prior to the first day of classes. Please view the SCOOP for specific dates.
  • If a seat becomes available in that section, the next student on the waitlist will be notified via their myUWG email.
  • Students will have 18 hours from the time the notification is sent, to register for the class or they will be dropped from the waitlist and the next student on the waitlist will have the opportunity to register.
  • Waitlist notifications will be sent out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except when BanWeb is down for internal processing. Please see the SCOOP for more details on dates.
  • If you are on a waitlist, please check your email twice a day (morning and evening).
  • Dual enrolled students are not permitted to waitlist classes.
  • Drop for Non-Payment applies to all classes including waitlist classes. While you do not owe tuition or fees for a wailist course, if you are dropped for non-payment waitlist classes will be dropped.
  • The Schedule of Classes may show there is an open seat, but please note if there are students on the waitlist these seats are held for this student population.
  • For details on how to register for the waitlist, view the Waitlisting for Students (PDF, 345K) documentation.

Viewing Wait Lists for Faculty and Staff

Administrative staff in departments can view course wait lists and student notifications in Banner. Please review the waitlisting view for administrative staff in departments document (PDF, 243K) for assistance. 

Faculty can view course wait lists including student email addresses for each of their courses through BanWeb. Please review the waitlisting for faculty document (PDF, 801K) for assistance.