The Institutional Emergency Short Term Loan Department offers funds to assist currently enrolled students who need temporary financial assistance. These funds can be used to assist with tuition payments, book expenses, or personal use. In order to receive a Short Term Loan for books or personal expenses ALL tuition and fees MUST BE paid.

Spring 2024 Applications are open.
loans will not be processed until the beginning of the spring semester.

A Short Term Loan is a loan that is available to assist currently enrolled students who need temporary financial assistance.

The funds can assist you with tuition and fee payment, book expenses, or personal expenses and come from private donations to UWG, specifically designated to assist students.

A maximum of $500.00 per semester.

  1. Log into your Banweb account.
  2. Select "Student Services & Financial Aid."
  3. Select the fifth option: "Short Term Loan."
  4. Read and select "I Understand" on the next 7 pages to continue.
  5. Once you get to the Short Term Loan Application page, complete all of the information. Once you have completed the form, select "Submit."
  6. Please continue to monitor your UWG e-mail for updates. 
  • Parental information including phone number and address.
  • Employer information including phone number and address (if you are employed).
  • Two references*, including a phone number and physical and email address.
    *References can not be: UWG Staff or UWG Faculty.
  • If you are not employed, you must verify that you are receiving a financial aid refund that will cover your Short Term Loan balance.
  • If you are not receiving a financial aid refund, you must provide proof of employment, your two most recent current check stubs.
  • Students wishing to obtain a Short Term Loan must present their UWG student identification card electronically.

If you are not employed or not receiving a financial aid refund you must complete the Co-Maker Form (PDF, 64K).

Print the Co-Maker form and complete it. Your co-maker can be a friend or relative that agrees to be responsible for payments.

Co-maker must provide proof of employment and picture identification.

You must have the co-maker form notarized. You must mail the original notarized and signed form to the office along a copy of your photo most two (2) recent check stubs. We will not accept a copy of the original.

The Emergency Short Term Loan is a revolving loan fund. This means that the money that is available to you is money that has previously been borrowed and repaid by other students. Short Term Loans are available on a funds available basis. Once the funds have been depleted, no more loans will be available for that semester.

If you need information pertaining to the availability of the Short Term Loan funds, you may contact the Enrollment Service Center at  (678) 839-6421.  

Students who do not pay their Short Term Loans on time decrease the amount of money available for other students to borrow.

There are special funds in place to assist Anthropology majors, Geriatrics majors, Kappa Alpha Phi Fraternity members and international students. Please contact Student Solutions at or  (678) 839-6140, for further information if you believe you would qualify for these funds.

All Short Term Loan repayments are made based on a fixed payment schedule, as determined at the beginning of each semester and is documented in your promissory note.

Your payment schedule must be followed or late fees will be assessed.

If you are using your financial aid refund for repayment, it is your responsibility to make your payment once you receive your refund. 

Your Short Term Loan repayment is not held out of your refund.

  1. Online at: 
  2. In person. At the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services located in Aycock Hall, Room 101. Payments are taken Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 4:30 pm. Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, money order and cashiers check. If you come to make a payment after 4:30 or on the weekend, there is a 24- hour depository located outside Aycock Hall, to the right of the front door, for your convenience. This box is checked daily for payments. Your payment must be sealed in envelope labeled Short Term Loan. Your student identification number (917 #) must be included on the envelope or on the payment. Although the depository is available 24 hours, please remember that payments must be received by 4:30 pm on the due date to avoid late fees.
  3. By mail. Payments must be received by 4:30 pm on the due date to avoid late fees.
    Send to: 
    • University of West Georgia
      Attn: Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services
      Aycock Hall, Room 101
      1601 Maple Street
      Carrollton, GA 30118

Your student identification number (917 #) must be included on the envelope or on the payment and payment notated that it is for your Short Term Loan repayment.
If you mail your payment, please mail it in advance of the due date.

Payments must be received by 4:30 pm on the due date to avoid late fees.

Short Term Loans are set up on payment schedules that are outlined in the promissory note.
Every borrower signs and receives a copy of their promissory note.
Since the Short Term Loan fund is a revolving loan, there are not enough funds to make new loans for the next semester if students wait until the end of the semester to pay. 
By making timely payments on your Short Term Loan, you are ensuring other students the opportunity to benefit from the program.

There is a $5.00 late fee charged on all late payments.

3 late payments prevent short term loan eligibility for the following registered semester.

4 or more late payments render you permanently ineligible to receive a short term loan.

If you are past due on your Short Term Loan, a hold will be placed on your account. You will not be allowed to register, drop or add classes, receive future loans, receive academic transcripts, or graduate until all past due amounts are satisfied.

In addition, University of West Georgia reports all Short Term Loan accounts to a national credit bureau.

Seriously delinquent accounts are reported to an outside collection agency once all in-house collection attempts have failed. If your account is reported to a collection agency, you are responsible for paying all collection fees as outlined in your promissory note.

Yes, there is a minimal interest charge of 1% that is compounded daily on your Short Term Loan. Interest does not start accruing until the loan is placed on your student account. 

Generally, Short Term Loan applications are accepted Monday – Friday 8:30- 4:30pm . However, there may be some dates throughout the semester when applications will not be accepted. These dates are normally posted in advance and in The Scoop.  

Application dates are published in the Calendar published by the Registrar's Office each semester and on the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services webpage.