The Office of Community Standards seeks to engage students on issues of community membership and responsible decision-making. The essence of higher education is found in the unhampered freedom to study, investigate, write, speak and debate on any aspect or issue of life. In attempting to achieve that unhampered freedom, the students acquire certain fundamental rights and responsibilities. Our primary purpose is to uphold community standards for students and organization by providing preventative and educational learning experiences. These standards are designed to provide a safe and productive learning environment for all members of the University of West Georgia community. The Office of Community standards will fulfill our mission by:

  •  Acknowledging the student’s rights stated herein and respecting the student’s autonomy in these areas.
  • Offering educational and leadership opportunities for students who participate in the facilitation of the student conduct process.
  • Empowering members of the campus community to address conflict in a respectful and responsible manner.
  • Educating the University of West Georgia community members on their rights, responsibilities and expectations through collaboration with campus partners.
  • Offering outreach services to educate faculty, staff and other community partners about the role of our office and the Code of Conduct.