Are you returning home for the Summer? The University of West Georgia is just down the road.

UWG offers summer courses for transient, or visiting, students from other universities. These classes offer a great opportunity to get ahead or catch up on your academic schedule. By simply submitting a UWG Admissions Application as a Transient Student and having your current college complete a Letter of Transient Permission, you can take courses at UWG that should transfer back to your current University, program of study and major.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to find your path and Go West! The Summer 2018 admissions priority deadline is May 15, so take advantage of this opportunity and apply today

If you have any questions, please contact UWG Admissions at (678) 839-5600 or


Most Common Home Institutions for UWG Transient Institutions

Below is a list of links to Transient information from the most common home institutions for UWG transient students. If you are unable to find your school below, please speak with your school's enrollment services representatives.

Why Go West?

Because there's nothing quite like it. We're the university of trailblazers, path forgers, great minds and independent spirits.

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