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Welcome West

Begin your journey by accessing your checklist and registering for our Orientation Experience and be sure to check out our next step resources below for more information on how to enroll West.

Your Next Steps



We’re so excited to help you navigate your next steps to Going West! One of the great things about UWG is that we’re able to specialize in each stage of the enrollment process by having entire offices of staff dedicated to helping students through the process. Each area has their own website and contact information so you can utilize their team to make sure you’re getting the best help possible. 

Below is an outline of what to expect in the process towards enrollment:

Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of West Georgia


To start your journey West, log in to apply.westga.edu/portal/status with your username. This was user-created when you started your application. This will take you right to your Accepted Checklist. All items on the checklist must be completed to ensure you can begin classes for your intended semester.

This will take you right to your Accepted Checklist. All items on the checklist must be complete to ensure you can begin classes for your intended semester. Be sure to keep your student ID number handy too as it’s your key to all things UWG.

Keep in mind that other offices on campus will be communicating with you via your UWG email address instead of the one you used to apply for Admission once you’ve been admitted. You’ll want to check this email frequently for important updates related to your account.

If you need help accessing your email, feel free to reach out to our Information Technology Service at servicedesk@westga.edu or by calling (678) 839-6587.

Complete your FAFSA and check your Banweb account for Financial Aid award information! If anyone other than yourself is calling to find out information about your account, you’ll need to have a FERPA on file with UWG.

Please remember to keep checking your Financial Aid status via BanWeb and your UWG student email after you apply for important updates and additional steps you may need to take.

Orientation is the time when students will get to meet with their advisors to pick out classes among many other things. (clarification of what’s offered - payment plan, classes, registration, etc..)

Below you’ll find the website for Orientation, which has many helpful FAQs, as well as contact information for their office should you have additional questions about that process:

You can check out room layouts by visiting their website. If you have trouble accessing your sign up sheet inside of your MyUWG account, you can reach the Housing Office at their contact information below:


Learn more about your options and how to contact Dine West below:

Don’t forget to submit your official final high school and/or college transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to complete your Admissions file. This is a very important step to complete early so that you can register for the correct classes and ensure there will be no holds added to your account.

If you need assistance with your final transcripts or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at: admiss@westga.edu or 678.839.5600. 

Based on the University System of Georgia policy, all students receiving in-state tuition must submit verification of residency and lawful presence in both the State of Georgia and the United States. For most students, this is as simple as emailing a copy of their unexpired Georgia driver’s license (issued after January 1, 2008) to admiss@westga.edu.

For more information on lawful presence or other options to submit, check out the link below:

Click Here to Learn More about Lawful Presence

Every student must submit a Certificate of Immunization prior to attending classes. Even if your classes are through Distance Learning, you must still check the box confirming your fully online status and turn in the Immunization form. Below is contact information for Health Services and other resources regarding our Immunization Policy:

If you have transfer or prior dual enrollment college credit, you can see the courses that applied to your degree plan by visiting Wolf Watch. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your transfer credit evaluation to be completed. If you have questions about that process, you can reach out to the Registrar’s Office, whose information is below:

If you are a veteran or military-connected student, please feel free to reach out to our Veterans and Military Programs team in the Office of the Registrar to learn about the resources we have available for you! 

Admitted Student Visits

Admitted Student Visits

You did it – now it's time to celebrate! Join us for an Admitted Student Friday tour or Admitted Student Day on April 13th!  We look forward to welcoming you West!