• Who can I talk with to help me get started or answer questions?

    UWG Online:
    Call: 678-839-6248 (M-F 8am-5pm)
    or 1-855-933-UWGO (8946) (M-F 8am-5pm)
    E-mail: online@westga.edu

    Call: 678-839-5300 (M-F 8am-5pm)
    E-mail: ecore@westga.edu

  • How are online courses different from on-campus courses?

    Students admitted to UWG's online programs learn the same material and benefit from the same rigorous and high-quality learning experiences as campus-based students. They also enjoy frequent interactions with the instructor and other classmates.

    You may never see or meet your online instructor, but you’ll have even more access than you would in a classroom setting. Instead of being limited to asking questions during class or office hours, online students have direct access to instructors via email, message boards, or phone.

    • Online courses often require at least as much, if not more, time and commitment than traditional courses.
    • They often require far more reading, as much of the information is text based.
    • With the increased freedom and flexibility comes responsibility. Without the structure of regular class meetings, it will be up to you to stay motivated, pace yourself, and keep up with assignments.
    • Successful online students are also not afraid to proactively seek solutions to technical or logistical challenges or speak up and ask for assistance when needed.
    • In some cases, proctored exams may be required but will be made available at a site convenient to where you live.

    Online courses can be a good choice for those who need flexibility, those who work best when given time to review content and post thoughtful responses to questions posed, and those who are self-disciplined.

    For a free web-based assessment of your potential, see http://goml.readi.info/

  • How do I apply for admission?
  • Are military personnel eligible to take classes?

    Absolutely. For courses requiring proctored exams or orientations, local or virtual options can be arranged. See Military Options.

  • Can I just take a course or two?

    Certainly. Students can take courses as a Transient student (visiting from another school), an Auditor (a student who enrolls as an observer or listener only), or a Post-Baccalaureate Non-Degree Seeking student. Go here for information: http://www.westga.edu/admissions/nds.php

  • How are financial aid, tuition, and fees handled?

    All business processes are available online or by phone.

    For payment of tuition or fees, see http://www.westga.edu/bursar/index_1567.php

    For financial aid, see https://www.westga.edu/student-services/financialaid/

    Additionally, students may visit the University of West Georgia's Scholarship Search website (https://westga.scholarships.ngwebsolutions.com/CMXAdmin/Cmx_Content.aspx?cpId=896) to search for and apply for scholarships through UWG. In order to apply for scholarships at the University of West Georgia, students need to have been admitted through the Admissions Office as an incoming freshmen/transfer student OR they will need to already be an enrolled student to apply for scholarships as a current student. However, all are welcome to search scholarship opportunities through this site for information purposes.

  • Will my degree reflect that I took my courses online?

    No. The degrees are accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, as well as other nationally recognized accreditation agencies (more information about accreditation is available in the degree details). Your degree will be issued by UWG and it will be exactly the same as if you had attended classes on campus.

  • Can I transfer credit/apply as a Transfer student?

    UWG accepts transfer credits from regionally and nationally accredited institutions of higher learning, as long as they apply to your chosen degree program. For graduate degree programs, transfer credits are reviewed on a case-by-case basis after the student is admitted to a specific program; the respective department will review the credits.

    To apply as a Transfer student, see http://www.westga.edu/admiss/index_1060.php

  • Who do I contact for technical support?

    UWG Online help line
    Call: 678-839-6248 (M-F 8am-5pm)
    or 1-855-933-UWGO (8946) (M-F 8am-5pm)
    E-mail: online@westga.edu

    Online Support Center
    24 hours a day / 7 days a week