UWG eMajor programs are a collaborative partnership with University System of Georgia public institutions to provide quality, affordable, high-demand post-secondary degrees and credentials that address the workplace needs of Georgia and beyond. eMajor programs are ideal not only for traditional students who wish to take advantage of online course delivery, but also for working professionals, military members, transfer students and others seeking alternative routes to degree completion.

Accepted? Find Out What to do Next! - Organizational Leadership

Accepted? Find Out What to do Next! - Financial Technology (FinTech)

Accepted? Find Out What to do Next! - Criminal Justice

Important UWG eMajor Information

Some dates and policies may differ from the University of West Georgia. Please see important links below for current and future eMajor students at UWG.

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    Guidelines for Admittance

    Enrolling in an eMajor Program (the big picture)

    1. Before you can register for an eMajor class at UWG, you must be an admitted student. If you are not a current student at UWG, your first step is to apply for admission. A minimum GPA or amount of credit hours is NOT required in order to declare the major.
    2. Take the eMajor Introduction Quiz. All students are required to complete the introduction quiz before registering for an eMajor course. You must know your UWG student ID number as well as your UWG email address to complete the quiz.
    3. You will receive an email from the UWG eMajor liaison within 48 hours of completing the introduction quiz, which will include instructions on how to register for an eMajor class.

    For deadlines and information on how to apply, select your student type on the Prospective Students page.

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    Click here to Request Information or contact a UWG representative below.

    BS in ORGL Program Lead
    Dr. Dylan McLean
    678-839-4989 - dmclean@westga.edu

    BS in Criminal Justice Program Lead
    Dr. Dave Ayers
    678-839-3783 - dayers@westga.edu

    FinTech Program Lead
    Dr. Brad Prince
    678-839-6467 - bprince@westga.edu

    eMajor Liaisons
    UWGO Help Desk (Last Names A-J)
    678-839-6248 - online@westga.edu

    Meggie Miller (Last Names K-Z)
    678-839-5452 - meggiem@westga.edu

    UWG Admissions - 678-839-5600 - admiss@westga.edu

    eMajor Help Desk - 678-839-6400 -  emajor@westga.edu