The University of West Georgia (UWG) is committed to creating a safe learning environment that is conducive to students' learning and development. Through the Campus Awareness Response and Evaluation (CARE) team at UWG, the university provides a caring, confidential intervention and response to those who may be experiencing a crisis or whose physical, mental, or psychological health condition may directly threaten a student's safety or the safety of the learning environment. This team provides students with the greatest chance for success and the university community with the greatest level of protection. 

The CARE team will abide by the guidelines and expectations specified on this page. These guidelines and expectations do not replace any academic-based withdrawals, dismissal policies, or any community standard procedures to address a student's disciplinary actions.

Referrals to the CARE Team

Any member of the UWG community who has concern for the wellbeing or safety of a student of the university who has reason to believe that a student may pose a direct threat to themselves or to the community, may refer someone to the CARE team.

To make a report, submit a CARE Report form. This form should only be submitted for non-emergency situations and for matters that do not require immediate action.

All urgent situations should be directed to the University of West Georgia's Police Department (UWGPD) at 678-839-6000 or directed to 911.

Submit a CARE Report form



  • Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students - Dr. Lakiesa Rawlinson (Chair)
  • Assistant Dean of Students - AnneMarie Reed (Co-Chair)
  • Patient Advocate - Corey Hindman (Scribe)
  • University Police Department - Ashley Gossage & Nathan Worthy
  • Director of Housing and Residence Life - Cassidy Nelson
  • Assistant Director for Clinical Operationsin the Counseling Center - Cassie Manley
  • Case Manager - Norie Rogers