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The field of economics examines such topics as scarcity, inflation, unemployment, supply and demand, profits, and international trade. Graduates from this program are currently working as market analysts, stockbrokers, bankers, educators, managers, and much more!

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Santiago Fernandez took advantage of each opportunity and became more than a student leader. He leveraged his resources and earned a position at Southwire, became a member of the Dean's Council of Student Leaders, President of the Management Club and a mentor for other international students. Santiago says, "Being a UWG student opens a lot of doors." Accessing companies like Southwire, he found a large UWG connection that took his network to the next level.

Sustainable Business changes the world

Majoring in economics provides excellent preparation for many careers in business and for more advanced study in business, law, and other related disciplines. The department emphasizes real-world experience through research, internships, and community engagement.

The economics faculty take pride in working closely with students in courses and on research projects. Each year, the department hosts Economics-focused events for students and the community, participates in study abroad programs, and publishes regional economic updates.

The Economics Department is also home to the Center for Business and Economic Research and the Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy


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Majoring in Economics provides good preparation for future study in business, law, and other disciplines. The economics faculty take pride in working closely with students in courses and on research projects. Each year the department awards a number of scholarships to deserving economics students.

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