In preparation for each registration period, students must first schedule an advising appointment to ensure they take the correct courses and remain on track for graduation. If you have completed 60 credit hours, excluding courses in progress this semester, you are required to make an appointment for advisement with the Department of Mass Communications. Students who have completed 59 hours or fewer must contact The Advising Center to schedule an advising appointment.

Most departmental advisors will schedule appointments via an appointment sign-up sheet on or near their office door, or they will contact you via email regarding alternative options, such as e-appointments.  It is very important that you schedule an appointment before your registration date to ensure timely registration, especially for high demand courses (see The Scoop for registration schedule).

To prepare for your advising session, please read and complete the Advising Worksheet before your scheduled appointment.  Note that you will likely need to reschedule your appointment if you do not complete the worksheet beforehand.

You will need to visit your advisor during office hours for advisement.  Remember that you cannot register for courses until you are advised and your advisor removes the Advisor Hold from your account. 

If you have not been assigned an advisor, or have other questions, please contact the department office at (678) 839-6518.

For majors seeking an override for a course that has closed, contact your advisor first. Your advisor will contact the professor for the requested course and verify that you qualify for an override.

For minors seeking an override, you must submit the Override Request Form. Please be prepared to provide your student ID and the CRN for the needed course. 

Note that non-majors and non-minors are not eligible for overrides. 


Be sure to sign up for advising before your registration date.  Come to your appointment prepared with your Advising Worksheet (download here)

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