As a Mass Communications major you are assigned an advisor in The Advising Center located in the University Community Center (UCC) room 208. Your advisor will work with you to ensure that you take the correct courses and remain on track for graduation.They are also available to answer any questions about the requirements of your current concentration and will have information about opportunities for internships, practicums, and experiential learning. Visit The Advising Center webpage to make an appointment or to obtain further advising information.


As a Mass Communications major you are also assigned a mentor or mentor team made up of faculty members within your area of concentration. Your mentor is available to discuss your educational and career goals and opportunities. They will guide you in areas of career path and graduate or professional school. You can contact the Mass Communications office (Humanities room 139) at 678-839-6518 or with questions about our mentor program including the name of your personal mentor.


Mass Communications Majors:

Majors that are seeking an override for a course that is full need to contact the professor of that course through e-mail requesting a seat override. Provide the professor with your name, student number, and the reason it is important for you to take their course during the chosen semester.

Mass Communications Minors:

Minors that are seeking an override for a COMM course that is closed to non-majors need to submit the Override Request Form or come the Mass Communications office in Humanities 139 to request a major override. You will be asked for your student number, university e-mail address, and the CRN for the desired course. The Mass Communications office will process all requests within 24 business hours.

*Note: Students who are neither majoring nor minoring in mass communications are not eligible for overrides.


Program maps for each concentration: