About Mentoring

Faculty mentorship at UWG is focused on supporting faculty growth and academic enrichment.

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The mentoring program is planned to kick-off in Fall 2022 upon the addition of Faculty Fellow Mentors to the IFE team.

The Purpose of Mentoring

Mentoring programs at the University of West Georgia seek to support, evolve, and advance the experience and training of faculty at all stages of their careers. Mentoring programs that follow best practices see all members as both learners and teachings, furthering the spirit of lifelong learning and continuous improvement. Formal mentoring programs create communities within departments and across the institution through building a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive space for all faculty members. 

IFE Mentor Training & Support

  • Workshops planned in early August for mentor training
  • Assistance developing career goals and plans to achieve them
  • Guidance regarding meetings (frequency, agenda, and deliverables)
  • Guidance for constructive feedback on teaching observations
  • Consultations with mentors throughout the semester
  • Lessons Learned workshop planned in November (mentors & mentees)

Additional Mentoring Support from the IFE

  • New Faculty Orientation (August 2, 2022)
  • New Faculty Academy

General guidelines for strong mentoring within colleges, departments, or programs are as follows:

  • Mentor will be appointed by chair to work with new faculty
  • Mentor will help the new faculty member make connections at UWG and advocate on their behalf if needed
  • Regular individual meetings can be arranged as desired to discuss teaching, professional growth and development, and service
  • Mentor will observe one class during the first semester of teaching
  • Mentee will be observed by a senior faculty member other than their mentor during their second semester of teaching
  • Mentee will meet with the program coordinator or department chair toward the end of the second semester of teaching