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Why study abroad?

Studying abroad will help your career, give you a unique resume, and give you the competitive edge you need for today's job market. Develop cross-cultural communication skills, gain the ability to analyze and adjust to local customs and cultural contexts. Sharpen your flexibility, maturity, independence, and adaptability.

For More Information:

Watch this video if you are considering Study Abroad! 

Also, check out the Study Abroad Scholarship opportunities and applications.

General Study Abroad Checklist (PDF, 21KB)

What Types Of Programs Are Offered Through Study Abroad?

Want to learn about earning Certificates and even a Bachelor's degree while studying around the world?

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Partial Semester Study Abroad

Partial Semester Programs offer a study abroad opportunity for the beginning or intermediate traveler and are sponsored by individual Richards College Departments. You will be registered for at least one 3-hour Special Topics in Business course. As part of the course, you will travel with your professor for approximately one to two weeks. You must have taken 45 credit hours to be eligible to register for Special Topics in Business courses.

Study Abroad to London

The Marketing Department's Summer 2023 Study Abroad course includes a 9-day trip to  London during Summer Session III. While in London, students will visit a variety of international business firms and have numerous opportunities for direct interaction with top executives and business professionals.

Students will also go on day trips to Windsor Castle, Oxford University, and Stonehenge. This course is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, who can earn up to 6 hours of credit in marketing or economics. Costs for this trip range from $3,500 to $4,000 and includes airfare, single-room accommodations in University of London dorms, two meals a day, visits to businesses, and all program-related transportation and sightseeing. Scholarships are available to assist with costs.

Trip dates: Tentatively scheduled for July 7-16, 2023

Capacity is limited. Applications open soon. For details, contact Salil Talpade at 

Study Abroad to Barcelona and Lisbon

Trip Dates: Spring Break 2023

Capacity is limited. Formal registration will begin late summer

For details, contact Dr. Salil Talpade at

Sign up for updates and to express interest in the program

Study Abroad to Dubai

More information coming soon

Trip dates: Spring Break 2023

Capacity is limited. Formal registration will begin late summer

Sign up for updates and to express interest in the program

For details, contact Dr. Erich Bergiel at

Full Semester and Full Year Study Abroad Programs

Full semester and full year programs are offered as part of the Richards College of Business Student Exchange Program through universities in Germany and France. Take classes in English! Opportunities available for Undergraduate and Graduate students.

In France, the program is offered through Ecole Superieure de Commerce et Management (ESCEM). ESCEM offers one semester Certificate Programs, or enroll as a degree-seeking exchange student. For degree-seeking exchange students, exchange classes will transfer to UWG to earn a dual degree. ESCEM offers undergraduate and graduate classes in English in an international environment. ESCEM has two campuses in France in Tours and Poitiers.

  • Undergraduate Students - Earn your Advanced Certificate in European Business Studies, Management, and Marketing. Or, earn a Senior Certificate in Business and Sustainable Development.
  • Graduate Students - Earn your Graduate Certificate in International Business Negotiations, International Business and Management, or Global Financial Management.

Study Abroad to France Checklist

  1. Apply for passport. Link to Find Your Passport Facility Page.
  2. Talk to your advisor about which program you want to participate in, then get your learning agreement approved by the Department Chair.
  3. Complete your FAFSA using the Federal Student Aid site and Register with the Office of Education Abroad at this link
  4. Apply for a Study Abroad Scholarship at this link.
  5. Apply to ESCEM in France by contacting Prof. Simone Lee at and scheduling a time to bring her your application form and photo, passport and driver's license, academic transcripts, and resume with cover letter. 
  6. After receiving your acceptance letter, you will be emailed a housing preference survey 6-8 weeks prior to departure.
  7. Take learning agreement to Prof. Simone Lee for approval. 
  8. Register with the campus in France by creating a PASTEL account and mailing your official ESEM acceptance letter and Money Order to  CampusFrance, 4101 Reservoir Rd. NW, Washington DC 20007. Make your Money Order payable to CampusFrance - La Maison Française and include your CampusFrance ID number. Here is a useful link to CampusFrance.
  9. Make your flight reservation after receiving your confirmation email from CampusFrance and proof of payment from PASTEL.
  10. Schedule an appointment with the French Consulate to get your Student Visa by calling 404-495-1660.
  11. Purchase health insurance (optional).

For questions regarding Study Abroad programs in Germany or France, contact Professor Simone Lee

Sample Budget for Poitiers, France

One-time costs:

  • OFII Application - $72
  • Health Insurance - $277
  • Round-trip flight - $1,400
  • Train tickets to and from Poitiers - $100
  • Carte de Jeune - $65
  • UWG Travel Insurance - $85

Monthly costs:

  • Rent - $308
  • Food - $175
  • Local transportation - $15
  • Phone - $27
  • Entertainment - $70 

Suggested Apps for Traveling

  • Google Translate
    Easier than carrying around a language dictionary. Needs wifi to function.
  • City Maps 2Go
    Allows you to pre-download city maps and can track your movement along the map without wifi connection.
  • A unit converting App
    Europe uses the metric system and measures degrees in Celsius. This will be helpful until you get used to the conversions.
  • WhatsApp
    This App is very widely used internationally as an international messaging App that uses wifi. 
  • xe Currency Converter
    Gives you up-to-date information about exchange rates of every currency. Great for finding out if you're spending more than you think on something.
  • Sound Hound
    You will hear new music while you're traveling and will want to find it later. Without wifi, this App will listen to the music and provide you with the song's information when you reconnect to wifi.

Contact Information by Country:




ESCEM (Poitiers, France)

Student Testimonial

Ryan Jordan - Vietnam trip, Spring 2019

Ryan Jordan

At the beginning of our adventure, I had what I consider a stereotypical mindset of the Vietnamese people. I expected the Vietnamese people to be fairly traditional and culturally oriented. But soon after our arrival, my perceptions were challenged and my view expanded.

In Vietnam, I saw generations of families running businesses together and taking care of the elderly. The people of Vietnam have a very kind disposition and they extend that to everyone they meet, but I was unsure how I would be received as an American. Would they accept me into their culture? To my surprise, I was not only accepted, I also felt warmly embraced by everyone I met. I had feared that since I am disabled, I may be looked at differently. But I was wrong.

Not one time was I looked at differently, and I never got asked why I was walking with a cane. They seemed blind to it as I walked around the cities. My fear, as I’m now aware, was unjustified, for the people of Vietnam truly have a respectful mindset for those around them. I felt completely comfortable walking the city streets by myself or in a group. I was also surprised by how many people spoke conversational English and how easy it was to communicate with different people.

I knew from my travels and experiences around the world that I needed to keep an open mind about the local culture and people. That open mindedness, I believe, helped me better understand the Vietnamese culture, as well as help them understand me. There is now no doubt in my heart that one day I will return to Vietnam to immerse myself in their culture and continue to learn about the amazing Vietnamese people.

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