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Merging Mindsets

Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to combine different disciplines into a single, focused academic degree.

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Welcome to the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies. Situated in University College, the center promotes and supports interdisciplinarity at UWG through degree programs, courses, workshops, and events.

Students interested in interdisciplinary degree programs and courses can find information about these under the Academic Majors, Academic Minors, and Course Bulletin links (accessed via Menu at the top right).

If a faculty member is interested in teaching an XIDS course, please fill out the XIDS Scheduling form. Faculty interested in proposing new XIDS course topics can find pertinent information via the Faculty Information.

If you would like to discuss anything or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Dr. Andy Walter, Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Dr. Andy Walter
Director, Center of Interdisciplinary Studies
(678) 839-4070



What is Interdisciplinarity?

Interdisciplinarity is an approach to understanding, problem-solving, and creative production that involves synthesizing insights derived from perspectives, concepts, theories, and methods from multiple disciplines (fields of study).

Interdisciplinary thinking offers an effective problem-solving and creative approach for professionals ranging from scientists, artists, and social theorists to entrepreneurs, educators and community organizers.

Interdisciplinary Film Pathway

Film is the craft of storytelling through creatively combining writing, drawing, graphic and set design, performance, cameras, lights, sounds, and other digital technologies. The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.) Film Pathway provides UWG students an opportunity to engage with and integrate knowledge and techniques of these multiple creative and technical fields in the intellectual and professional endeavor of Film. (For more information, check out Film Pathway's webpage.)