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What is Asian Studies?

Asian Studies is a program devoted to the multi-disciplinary study of cultures and civilizations of Asia.

Students may study the rich historical, religious, artistic or literary traditions of the continent, while also engaging with the region’s contemporary dynamic economic, business and social aspects. Students may take advantage of one of the many travel and study abroad programs that work well in conjunction with our program, and will discover that a wide range of opportunities become possible.

  • The minor requires 16 credit hours, including a one-credit capstone, of which no more than 6 hours can be at the 2000 level and of which at least 3 hours must be at the 4000 level.
  • Require Course: XIDS 4000: Asian Studies Capstone
  • Electives: 15 hours in at least three different areas of study. Electives must be approved by the program director.

The following is a list of courses currently approved for the minor. Not all courses are offered every semester. Faculty members, if you feel that a course you are teaching should be considered for approval, please inform the director of the minor.

  • ART 3210: History of Non-Western Art
  • EDUC 2120: Exploring Sociocultural Perspectives on Diversity in Educational Contexts
  • EDEC 4285: Special Topics – Education in China
  • FORL 1598: Elementary Arabic I
  • FORL 1599: Elementary Arabic II
  • FORL 1698: Elementary Chinese I
  • FORL 1699: Elementary Chinese II
  • FORL 1798: Elementary Japanese I
  • FORL 1799: Elementary Japanese II
  • FORL 2200: Survey of National Literatures
  • FORL 3111: World Film
  • FORL 4300: Seminar in Global Studies
  • GEOG 1013: World Geography
  • HIST 3315: Civilization of India
  • HIST 3351: Imperial Russia
  • HIST 4419: The Cold War
  • HIST 4385: Special Topics – Late Imperial History
  • HIST 4385: Special Topics – Early China
  • HIST 4385: Special Topics – Buddhism
  • HIST 4385: Special Topics – History of Political Islam
  • HIST 4385: Special Topics – Modern Middle East
  • HIST 4385: Special Topics – Women in East Asia
  • HIST 4385: Special Topics – Central Asia: Society and Culture
  • HIST 4430: Vietnam War
  • HIST 4433: Introduction to Modern China
  • HIST 4443: Introduction to Modern Japan
  • HIST 4446: Soviet Russia
  • HIST 4485: History of US Immigration
  • PHIL 2130: World Religions
  • POLS 4402: Russian Politics
  • POLS 4406: Politics of Asia
  • PSYC 4130: Eastern and Transpersonal Psychologies
  • SOCI 4325: Social Change in the Middle East
  • SOCI 4999: Special Topics – Religion and Global Social Problems
  • XIDS 2002: What do you know about the Boxer Rebellion?


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