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Welcome to the minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of West Georgia!

This interdisciplinary minor provides a humanities-based forum for examining gender and sexuality in global cultures. Students in the minor learn about—and challenge their understandings of—topics such as LGBTQ sexual diversity, gender differences across cultures, and how femininity and masculinity have changed over time. Courses in the minor focus on representations of gender and sexuality across the arts, history, media, languages, and social sciences.


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Minor Requirements

The Gender and Sexuality Studies minor requires 15 credit hours from the following:

  • One required course: XIDS 2100: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies (3 hours)
  • Elective courses: courses approved for minor credit* (12 hours)
    • Electives must be approved by the program director, and must be from at least two different disciplines. No more than three elective credits (3 hours) can be at the 2000 level, and at least three elective credits (3 hours) must be at the 4000 level.
  • To declare a minor, please submit the declaration form.
  • Please contact Dr. Matt Franks if you have any questions: mfranks@westga.edu.



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Currently Offered Courses

The following are currently offered courses that count toward the Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor. Please email Matt Franks, mfranks@westga.edu, if you think a class should be an approved minor course that is not listed here.

Summer 2024

  • 50636 PSYC 4140 E01 Psychology of Gender
  • 51078 SOCI 3603 E01 Sociology of Gender

Fall 2024

  • 82366 ENGL 2190 02 Gender and Rage
  • 82072 ENGL 2190 E01 Lit by Women
  • 81298 FREN 3212 E01 Sexuality & Gender/French Cinema
  • 83575 FREN 4320 E01 Sexuality & Gender/French Cinema
  • 82533 HIST 4580 E01 American Foodways
  • 82101 PSYC 3110 01 Human Sexuality
  • 83469 PSYC 3110 02 Human Sexuality
  • 82098 PSYC 4140 E01 Psychology of Gender
  • 80207 SOCI 3293 E01 Sociology of Family
  • 81186 SOCI 3603 01 Sociology of Gender
  • 83278 XIDS 2100 01 Intro Latin American Studies
  • 83583 XIDS 2100 02 Language and Identity
  • 83413 XIDS 2100 E02 Intro to Gender Studies

Previously Offered Courses

Approved Courses

The following is a list of courses currently approved for the minor. Not all courses are offered every semester. Many additional variable topics courses also count for the minor, if the course topic is related to gender and sexuality studies. If you feel that a course should be considered for approval, please inform the director of the minor, Dr. Matt Franks, at mfranks@westga.edu

  • XIDS 2100: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • COMM 4485: Communication & Gender
  • ENGL 2190: Literature by Women
  • ENGL 4185: Studies in Literature by Women
  • FREN 3212: Sexuality & Gender in French Cinema
  • HIST 4423: Women and Gender in the Ancient World
  • HIST 4467: Women in American History to 1890
  • HIST 4468: Women in American History Since 1890
  • PHIL 4130: Feminist Philosophy
  • PSYC 3110: Human Sexuality
  • SOCI 3603: Sociology of Gender


Contact Us

Dr. Matt Franks
Director of the Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Assistant Professor of English

Email: mfranks@westga.edu
Phone: (678) 839-4875