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What is Latin American Studies?

Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary inquiry into the factors that shape the inter-connectedness of people, cultures, politics, economics and traditions of Latin America. 

The Latin American interdisciplinary program is designed to introduce students to Latin American scholarship which emphasizes understanding of the social, political and cultural experiences of Latin America.

Program of Study

Peruvian boy is a traditional hat

Program of Study

Total credit hours (12-18 hours)

  • Undergraduate certificate/minor in Latin American Studies requires 6 credit hours of approved foreign language coursework at the 3101/3102 level; completion of the gateway course, Peoples and Cultures of Latin America (ANTH 4144), for 3 credit hours; completion of 9 credit hours to be chosen among electives offered in the following disciplines: History, Political Science, Spanish, French, Music, XIDS, Geography, and Psychology. A list of approved courses can be obtained from the coordinators of the program through Foreign Languages or Anthropology.
  • For a more in-depth description of the details and requirements of this program visit the Minor in Latin American Studies program page.


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Latin American Studies Program Coordinator
Associate Professor of Political Science
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