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For a B.S. in Political Science, students will choose a career emphasis, such as public or nonprofit organizations, state and local government, international organizations, or foreign service, with statistics and writing as recommended tools.

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  • Fully online, face-to-face, or hybrid learning
  • 120 Credit Hours
  • Capstone project customizable to your current job
  • Internship with an industry partner that provides on-the-job experience before graduation

Political Science Information

For the B.S. degree students take one course in each of the four main areas of Political Science: American Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory. Students complete the major with six additional courses in areas of their choosing.

Students complete the major with six additional courses in areas of their choosing. Students can select from the four fields above as well as courses in Public Administration, policy analysis, data analytics, and law. Students complete their coursework by taking a capstone seminar during their senior year.


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Everything Political

Students will acquire an understanding of the constitutional, institutional, political and legal processes of the U.S. and Georgia. They will gain an understanding of the interrelationship between American governmental institutions. Students will obtain an understanding of the basic terminology of political science and U.S. politics.

For law students in the professional preparation track, the department has developed a set of recommended courses that can fulfill requirements in the core, the major, or serve as electives.

Law School


Alondra Ayala Nunez


“The professors were amazing. I just really liked [UWG]. And what made me major in Political Science was just the whole governmental system. It’s nice to know more about it and how laws work, the process and everything. And I plan to go to law school, so Political Science was the most popular major.”

- Alondra Ayala Nunez, 2021 alum