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UWG is partnering with the Amazon Career Choice program to make higher education accessible, affordable, and attainable. Qualified applicants receive tuition assistance and earn their degrees while they continue their careers.

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It’s easier than ever to get ahead when you have UWG and Amazon behind you.

Whether you’re looking to complete a degree you’ve already started, enhance your skills in your current field, or you’re just beginning your college journey, we’ve got you covered.

Career Choice is an education benefit that empowers employees to learn new skills for career success at Amazon or elsewhere. We meet individual learners where they are on their education journey through a variety of education and upskilling opportunities including pre-paid college tuition, industry certifications designed to lead to in-demand jobs, and foundational skills such as English language proficiency.

Remember: UWG is here to help – if you have questions about the program, what benefits are available to you, course and degree offerings, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Steps to Apply

1. Apply to UWG

2. Apply for Funding with Amazon Career Choice

  • Follow the steps at the Amazon Careeer Choice website to get started
  • Select "University of West Georgia" as your institution
  • Provide your UWG Student ID Number

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