Three students playing a game in the Virtual Reality room.


West Commons at the University of West Georgia hosts a state of the art virtual reality experience for students, faculty and staff, and the community! UWG's VR room is a large, enclosed space in which users can (virtually) play dodgeball against one another, collaborate to escape a pirate ship, attend a carnival together and more.



This multi-faceted experience will also be an opportunity for students to work hands-on with VR programming. A team of faculty members and students are working to create additional experiences for both UWG students and the public, and their designed games will be available to other VR players around the world!



Virtual reality headset and hand controllers sitting in the VR room.


To enter the virtual space, staff members will assist participants in putting on and adjusting the HTC VIVE Focus 3 Headset, as well as the left and right hand controllers. Once the experience loads, participants will see the room around them transform into the selected virtual space.

Up to 6 participants may use the facility at the same time (depending upon the experience).