Use of the Wolves Card:

  1. The Wolves Card is your identification for the University. The Wolves Card is the property of The University of West Georgia, is issued to the Cardholder only, and is non-transferable.
  2. Use of the Wolves Card may be revoked at University's sole discretion for violation of University policies and procedures. Faculty and staff must relinquish the card upon separation from the University. Access privileges of the Wolves Card will be deactivated when student, faculty, or staff status is terminated.
  3. The Wolves Card must be presented upon request at the time of use to obtain services or to establish official University status.
  4. The Wolves Card is to be used only by the person to whom it is issued. Only the Cardholder can present the Wolves Card for debit and other privileges. The Wolves Card will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the Cardholder.
  5. There is no provision for signature on the Wolves Card. Additional identification or signature may be required for certain purposes.
  6. The University of West Georgia Rules and Regulations govern the use of the Wolves Card. Misuse of the Wolves Card may be referred to the Office of Campus Services.

Lost/Stolen or Unauthorized Card Usage:

  1. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately. You can report online 24/7 or in person at the Wolves Card Office during their business hours.

  2. The replacement fee for a lost, stolen, or damaged card is $20. There is no charge for replacing a card due to a change in Cardholder status. The old card must be presented for exchange. Otherwise, there is a $20 charge.
  3. A police report does not waive the charge of $20 when replacing a stolen card.
  4. Students, faculty, and staff may pay the replacement fee with credit, debit, or Apple Pay.

Other Policies:

  1. If the Wolves Card Office fails to complete a transfer to or from an account per this agreement, the Office will be liable for direct and documented losses or damages that result from the error in an amount not to exceed the amount of the transfer. The University will not be liable if there are insufficient funds to complete a transfer, there is documented system failure, or there are circumstances beyond control (such as fire, flood, earthquake, civil disturbance, etc.), which prevent the transfer.

  2. Information regarding the Cardholder's account(s) will not be provided to third parties unless required by applicable laws, in compliance with court orders, or with the written permission of the Cardholder.
  3. The University will comply with all applicable laws and University policy regarding the use of information or stored images.
  4. The University reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and to make reasonable changes in the procedures set forth. Terms and Conditions relating to the use of the Wolves Card will apply to all in circulation and use at that time.


Only the latest card printed is valid. Access to university facilities may be denied if your account is frozen by the University for administrative reasons, your account is deactivated, or if your card's magnetic stripe is damaged and will not scan.

The University of West Georgia is not liable for any charges made to your Dining Dollars account after it is lost or stolen.

The University of West Georgia accepts no liability for excessive charges or less than satisfactory services provided by purveyors using the Wolves Card system.

Wolves Card Photo Requirements

  1. A recent color photo of yourself with no other people or objects visible
  2. A centered, full-face headshot in which you face straight ahead with a neutral facial expression or natural smile. 
  3. Free of any hats, sunglasses, or other head articles that obstruct your face or hair except for religious or medical purposes. 
  4. Against a solid background (preferably white) with no shadows, indentations, patterns, textures, or background scenery.
  5. Cropped from just about the top of your head to your collarbone.
  6. In a JPEG or PNG file format with a resolution between 500×500 and 4000×4000 pixels