UWG Campus Center Membership

UWG retirees now have FREE access to the Campus Center! The center offers a 1/8 mile indoor walking/jogging track, cardiovascular machines and weights in the fitness center, aerobics rooms, basketball courts, and a 50 ft. climbing wall. To gain your free access follow the guidelines below.

Campus Center Access Guidelines for Association of Retired Faculty & Staff

UWG retirees within the Association of Retired Faculty & Staff are eligible for Campus Center access that began August 5, 2017.

Access to the facilities will begin upon completion of the registration process.

  • Retirees must visit the Wolves Card Office located on the third floor of University Community Center (UCC) to turn in their prior UWG employee ID card to obtain a new UWG ID card that identifies them as “retiree.” This allows Campus Center staff to ensure retirees receive appropriate access. UWG Card Office is open Mon-Fri, 8 am – 5 pm.
  • Retirees must then visit the UREC administration desk at the front of the Campus Center Mon-Fri, 8 am - 7:30 pm to complete UREC account setup and gain facility access.
  • If you no longer have your UWG ID card, a replacement card must be purchased for a $20 fee at the Wolves Card Office.

Retirees will be asked to comply with all Campus Center policies including the ID policy.

In compliance with the University of West Georgia Student and Employee Handbooks, all students, faculty, and staff must have their UWG ID card to enter controlled access within the Campus Center. This includes both recreational and event space. The first two times that patrons forget their cards, they will receive a forgotten card warning linked to their account but will still be granted access. On the third violation, patrons will not be granted access.

Please be advised that the Campus Center is funded by student fees.

Programs and offerings are student-centered (types of classes offered, music played in facility, building hours, etc.). Only UWG retirees are eligible for this access; spouses and dependents are not eligible.

Fitness Classes

  • Retirees will not have access to the MyRec portal to make online reservations for fitness classes.
  • Any registrations for group fitness classes can be accommodated in person at the UREC administration desk or by phone at 678-839-5500 .
  • Although you may show up at class time and register at the door, there is limited space available for each class. So we encourage registering in advance when possible.
  • The group fitness class schedule can also be accessed on the Campus Center website.

Those seeking more information may stop by UREC administration desk at the front of the Campus Center for a facility tour and program brochures. For more general information about the Campus Center, please visit the UREC website.

If you have further questions, please contact Therese Dingle (tdingle@westga.edu) or Dr. Meg Cooper (mcooper@westga.edu). Thank you & enjoy!