The University of West Georgia Reporting Team provides reports and data extractions to support reporting and data analytics by campus departments. This is done through custom Banner reports, Argos data blocks, and Argos charts and reports.

Banner Reports

We have developed and support over 1,000 custom Banner reports. Banner reports are being converted and replaced by Argos data blocks.

Argos Data Blocks

Argos is a self-service reporting application used to simplify data retrieval from our institutional databases.  Reporting data is extracted from Banner and other applications and organized into blocks of data or “data blocks” from which customized reports can be generated. The major difference between Banner reports and Argos data blocks is data blocks provide the user the ability to create their own charts and reports from the data and perform their own customizations.  These customizations can be done by exporting the data to CSV and using Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Business Objects or and data visualization tool the user chooses to deploy.

To request or modify Argos datablocks, manage Argos accounts, or ask further questions, visit our Argos Self Service Request form.

Argos Charts and Reports

Within Argos are also tools and capabilities for end users to create their own customized charts and reports.  A couple days of formal training is required for an end user to become an “Argos Report Writer.”  Additional training beyond “Report Writing” is required for the user to be able to develop dashboards or even new data blocks within Argos.

Argos Training and Workshops

The UWG reporting team provides training to the campus on the use of Argos.  If you would like to know more about Argos or become an Argos Report Writer, please request training.

Argos Usage

The production Argos reporting login can be found here

The testing Argos reporting login can be found here

*For report writing, download and install the Argos Launcher first.  The application launcher is being used instead of the web viewer in report development.

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Consult the list below for troubleshooting common issues and concerns.

Argos is an enterprise reporting solution used to simplify and standardize data retrieval from the university's institutional databases. End users (e.g. faculty and staff) have the ability to run or request predefined reports, automating retrieval of a specified selection of data sets.

The Argos system is meant as a former replacement for the previously used Banner Reporting system.

Yes. All dashboards connect to live Banner data.
Yes. Existing banner reports will be stored, but development will shift towards the Argos system. Browse our current library of banner reports

Request dashboard modification

A service desk ticket will be created from entry. An Argos team member will respond to you via your service desk ticket.

The Argos Test System system can be accessed here. Access it using the same same credentials used on the main Argos system. For proper functionality, use the evisions Argos launcher instead of the Argos Web View.

Any dashboard and report requests are created and tested in the Argos test system.

The requester will also test in Argos test and when the requester approves the change will be moved to production

View our Argos reporting list online or ALL0000 dashboard available in Argos
Yes. Apply for training for guidance in doing so.