Matt Franks, Ph.D.

I am originally from the northern California coast, and I've been here at UWG since 2015. Some of my many hobbies include being outdoors, playing music, and birding.

In my research and teaching, I specialize in 20th-21st century British and postcolonial literatures. My work focuses on intersections between disability, queerness, race, and feminism. I am currently writing a book on the afterlife of eugenics in transatlantic 20th century texts. In this project, I examine how literary depictions of current reproductive politics continue to be overshadowed by eugenics practices of sterilization, institutionalization, and other forms of reproductive control.

  • B.A., Oberlin College, 2003
  • M.A., Humboldt State University, 2008
  • Ph.D., University of California, Davis, 2014

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  • ENGL-6115 (21stC Global Anglophone Lit) Section: E01

Spring 2020 Sections

  • ENGL-2001 (Introduction to Literature) Section: 01
  • ENGL-4384 (Senior Seminar-The90s) Section: 02W

Fall 2019 Sections

  • XIDS-2100 (Intro to Gender Studies) Section: 02
  • ENGL-2190 (Lit by Women: Gender&SciFi) Section: 01
  • ENGL-4002 (BritLitII:PostColonial) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5002 (Brit Lit II:PostColonial) Section: 01

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  • ENGL-4002 (Studies in British Lit. II) Section: 01S
  • ENGL-4005 (Studies in AmLit II) Section: 01S
  • ENGL-5002 (Studies in British Lit. II) Section: 01S
  • ENGL-5005 (Studies in American Lit. II) Section: 01S

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  • XIDS-2100 (Science Fiction) Section: 01
  • ENGL-2120 (British Literature) Section: 01
  • ENGL-3000 (Research and Methodology) Section: 02W

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  • ENGL-2190 (Literature by Women) Section: 02
  • ENGL-3000 (Research and Methodology) Section: 03W
  • ENGL-4002 (Brit Lit II:20th Century) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5002 (Brit Lit II:20thCentury) Section: 01

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  • ENGL-4002 (BritLit II-Postcolonial Anglo) Section: 1DW
  • ENGL-5002 (BritLit II-PostcolonialAnglo) Section: E01

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  • XIDS-2100 (Intro to Gender Studies) Section: 07
  • ENGL-3000 (Research and Methodology) Section: 02W
  • ENGL-4002 (Brit Lit II-Postcolonial) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5002 (Brit Lit II-Postcolonial) Section: 01

Fall 2017 Sections

  • XIDS-2100 (Science Fiction) Section: 06
  • ENGL-2120 (British Literature) Section: 03
  • ENGL-4106 (Studies in Genre:Disability) Section: 02W
  • ENGL-5106 (Studies in Genre:Disability) Section: 02

Summer 2017 Sections

  • ENGL-4386 (Internship: APEX Museum) Section: 01

Spring 2017 Sections

  • XIDS-2100 (Sci-fi & Futurism) Section: 02
  • ENGL-3000 (Research and Methodology) Section: 02W
  • ENGL-4384 (Senior Seminar) Section: 01W

Fall 2016 Sections

  • XIDS-2100 (Art of Speculation) Section: 05
  • ENGL-4188 (Individual Authors: Woolf) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5188 (Individual Authors: Woolf) Section: 01
  • ENGL-6115 (Seminar in British Lit II) Section: 01

Spring 2016 Sections

  • ENGL-1102 (English Composition II) Section: 20
  • ENGL-2120 (British Literature) Section: 2
  • ENGL-4385 (Queer Thry & Fic of Empire) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5385 (Queer Thry & Fic of Empire) Section: 01

Fall 2015 Sections

  • ENGL-2120 (British Literature-HONORS) Section: 25H
  • ENGL-4155 (Twentieth-Century British Lit) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5155 (Twentieth-Century British Lit) Section: 01

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