UWG Carrollton Academic Testing Services provides face to face exam proctoring for UWG Online courses each semester. 

Students who are enrolled in UWG Online courses and are in need of scheduling a proctored exam with us that is outside the time offered by the instructor should do the following:

  1. Your instructor should provide information to you at the beginning of the semester in your class syllabus regarding proctored exams. Please be sure to follow your instructor's directions on scheduling proctored exams and communicate to them if you schedule with us. Contact Academic Testing Services to schedule your testing appointment by either calling (678)-839-6435 or emailing us at testwest@westga.edu. When scheduling your appointment, please include your first and last name, course name, and instructor.
  2. We may already have set scheduled days/times for your UWG Online course exam that have been previously arranged with your instructor. If so, you can schedule for one of the scheduled times with us. If not, we will schedule you based on our availability. Our office is open M-F from 8:00am - 5:00pm. Academic Testing Services strictly enforces a 48-hour in advance policy for students to schedule testing appointments with us. The recommended time to schedule exams with us is at least one week ahead, but this policy means that you will need to schedule at least 48 hours prior to your exam time (excluding weekends). We strongly encourage that you schedule any testing appointments for confirmed test dates at the beginning of each semester. We do not take walk-ins.
  3. UWG Online proctored exams are $10 per exam
  4. Upon arrival for your exam, please bring a valid photo ID and any instructor-approved materials for your exam (if allowed) to Strozier Hall 108 to check in.
  5.  If your exam is paper-based, Academic Testing Services will be responsible for submitting your completed exam to your instructor.


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