This handy tool makes it easy to calculate what your institutional grade point average (GPA) will be at the end of this semester. Just follow these steps:

  1. Enter your current credits in the spaces below. Key in your GPA Hours and your institutional quality points (QPTS). This information is available using the steps below:
    • Log into your OneLogin Account
    • Once logged in, search "Banweb" and select the Banweb tile.
    • Click "Student Services and Financial Aid"
    • Click "View Student Information" (located near the bottom of the list")
    • Choose the most current semester from the Drop-down box
    • Use the "Transcript Level" box to select your current grade level "Undergraduate or Graduate"
    • Use the "Transcript Type" box and select "Student Copy"
    • Scroll down to select the appropriate numbers to input on the calculator below:
    • GPA Calculator fields to select as described in these steps
  2. Enter the grades you think you will make and the credit hours for each course.
  3. Click the "calculate" button to display your cumulative GPA. Try several scenarios to determine how different grades will impact your GPA.

Note: This calculation is unofficial and it does not include courses you are retaking to replace an old grade. This calculation may also differ if you have previously completed learning support/developmental coursework. For official re-calculation of your GPA or GPA projections, contact us at or visit the UWG Momentum Center.


**Note: Due to the complexity of the HOPE/Zell Miller scholarship GPA calculation, this tool should not be used to calculate HOPE/Zell Miller scholarship GPAs under any circumstances. To view your HOPE/Zell Miller scholarship GPA, please visit**

Enter your current university credit here:

Enter your expected grades and credit hours here:

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