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If you would like to apply for admission to a UWG Graduate Program, please visit our How to Apply to Graduate School page.
Please visit this site in order to learn more about what programs we have available. 
You will typically receive your application decision within 10 to 15 business days from when you completed your application. However, some programs may have interviews or other aspects that may make the process take slightly longer.
Official electronic transcripts are preferred, and can be sent directly from the issuing school through their official transcript service to "University of West Georgia - Graduate Admissions" at graduate@westga.edu. If official electronic copies are not available, an official sealed hard copy may be mailed to:

UWG Graduate Admissions
Mandeville Hall
1601 Maple Street
Carrollton, GA 30118
You can send documents such as your GACE certificate or personal statement to graduate@westga.edu. We CANNOT accept copies of transcripts that we receive from a personal email. Please use that school's transcript delivery system in order to properly send it to us.
Don't panic! Just send us a quick email at graduate@westga.edu and we will have a reset pin sent over to you!
We are not able to help out with this specific issue, however, the IT Service Desk can! Contact them at servicedesk@westga.edu or 678-839-6587 if you are having difficulty with this account. Also, if you were just accepted to your program and have not received your student email yet, just give it a few days and it should be in your inbox. If not, then reach out to the IT Service Desk team.
If you are unsure of the admissions requirements of your program, go to this link and locate your program. Once you click on it and you are on your program's page, click the "Admissions" tab. Here, you will find all of your program's requirements! 
Yes, most do! Only degree programs will accept transfer credits (so certificate, certification, or endorsement programs cannot accept them). Up to 25% of your degree is allowed to be transfer credits. So if your program is 40 credit hours, that means that 10 credit hours maximum can be covered by transfer credits. Please Note: While you can reach out to someone in the program to try and get an idea of what credits may transfer, we cannot guarantee that any of your credits will transfer until after you have already been accepted into your program. 
Until you are accepted, you cannot know for sure that your credits will transfer. If you want to get an idea of what may transfer, you can compare your credits to the courses listed for the program you are applying to and you can also reach out to someone within the program. However, we cannot guarantee any transfer credits until after you are accepted. After you are accepted, the transfer credits that can apply must be approved by the department chair. 
We at UWG know that many people who have been in certain fields for years decide to come back for graduate degrees in those same fields. So to honor that, we can sometimes cover certain courses for you that pertain to your field experience and expertise (meaning you do not have to take the courses or pay for them). If you are able to show evidence of a high level of experience and knowledge that pertain to the topic of a certain class (or classes), you may be able to get some of those credits covered without having to take the class!

The credits must be approved by the department chair. Please note that 25% of your credit hours is the maximum amount that can be covered by these work experience credits. So if your program is 40 credit hours, that means that 10 credit hours maximum can be covered by work experience. Visit this page to learn more!
Simply fill out our free Application Update Form and we would be more than happy to update your program, semester applied for, or both! Please be sure to include all of your needs and information in your first application update form as you only have access to one free update per application that you submit. If you need any further changes after this first free update, you will have to reapply and repay the $40 application fee. 
For your GACE Ethics proof of completion/passing, please either send the certificate noting that you passed/completed the required GACE to graduate@westga.edu or you can send a screenshot of your MyPSC account showing all assessments you have completed/passed that also includes your name and ID within the same screenshot.

Please note: A certificate that says it is for the program entry exam will not be accepted. 
When you send in your transcript, it can often take 24 to 48 business hours from the time the other college/university sends it to us for it to be marked as completed/received on your application.
We have two application fee waivers at the graduate-level. One for students who were McNair Scholars in their undergraduate program, and one for Georgia residents age 62 and over. If you do not meet one of these qualifications, you will need to pay the application fee to submit your application.

We do not offer any application fee waivers to International Students at this time. 
Please visit this site in order to apply for available scholarships and to learn more about what scholarships we offer. 
Please visit this site to apply for an Out of State Tuition Waiver. In order to learn more about what an Out of State Tuition Waiver is and if you would qualify, please visit this page. Please be aware that we offer a limited number of these waivers so it is best to apply for one as early as possible in order to gain access to this waiver.
To learn more about the cost of your program, please feel free to use our Graduate Cost Calculator.
There is currently a $40 dollar application fee that is required for your application to the UWG Graduate School program of your choice. 
In order to gain access to your student ID, please pay the $40 application fee and your student ID will be created and available to you within 24 hours. Once you have access to this, you can then complete your Application Update Form.
Please visit our Graduate Admissions Deadlines page in order to learn the specific application deadline for your program and semester of interest. If there a not a deadline listed for a certain semester of a program, this means that that program does not offer admission during that semester. 
To check the status of your application, please login to your application account at apply.westga.edu.
When a decision has been made on your application, you will be notified via email. Once you receive this email, click on the link in this email and log in to learn your decision. If you would like to check if a decision has been made, please visit apply.westga.edu and log in using your application login information. 
Visit our Newly Accepted Graduate Students page to gain access to some helpful resources regarding the beginning of your journey at UWG. Scroll to the bottom of this page for exact steps on what to do next now that you have been accepted.
If you were denied admission and would like to learn more about this decision, please feel free to reach out to us at graduate@westga.edu or call us at (678) 839-1394. If we are unable to provide you with more information, we will guide you to the correct source who can. 
You can appeal your denied admission decision within 14 days. Please visit this form to learn more about the Admissions Appeal process.
It is possible to apply to more than one program! You will first have to officially apply to one graduate program and pay this application fee. You can then contact our office at graduate@westga.edu to let us know the first one was submitted and that you would like to apply for an additional program. From here, we can initiate/create an additional application on your behalf. You will have to pay an additional $40 application fee for the additional application. If you are accepted into more than one program, you will have to choose between the programs and cannot complete multiple programs at the same time.
For most of our programs, the GRE is no longer required. However, we do still have a few programs that require it. In order to find out if your program requires it, go to this link and locate your program. Once you click on it and you are on your program's page, click the "Admissions" tab. Here, you will find all of your program's specific requirements! If you do not see the GRE listed as a requirement, it is not required for your program. 
There are some circumstances in which the GRE/GMAT requirement can be waived! In order to learn more regarding your cirumstances and eligibility for the waiver or to receive a copy of the GRE/GMAT Waiver Request Form, please email us at graduate@westga.edu
Click here to learn more about our Graduate Assistantship and Research Assistantship opportunities and how to apply for them.
For questions regarding International Student specific requirements, please contact global@westga.edu or visit this site to learn more.
To learn more about what credential evaluation services are acceptable, please contact global@westga.edu or visit this siteWe are also able to complete academic credential evaluations at UWG, however, this can be a lengthy process so be sure to reach out to global@westga.edu to initiate this process early on in the application process.
If it has been over 3 semesters since you attended UWG (12 months), you will need to reapply to your program of interest. If you would like to apply for readmission to a UWG Graduate Program, please visit our How to Apply to Graduate School page.
Yes, you do have the opportunity to be reinstated! However, you must go through the proper processes and wait the required amount of time before being considered for reinstatement.

Students who were
suspended, must remain out one academic semester before being eligible to return. Students who were dismissed, must remain out three academic semesters before being eligible to return.

A student who has met these time period requirements and who wishes to request reinstatement after suspension/dismissal, must complete the “Request for Reinstatement” form and submit it to the Graduate School. There is more specific information regarding this process on the previously linked form. 
Students who were previously enrolled in graduate courses, but who have not been in attendance within the last year (three consecutive semesters, 12 months) are classified as Inactive Students at the beginning of the third semester of absence and must apply for readmission. When readmitted to a program of study, students will be required to complete the current program in place at the time of readmission.
If it has been less than 12 months since you submitted your application to us, you are able to fill out our Application Update Form for the semester you would now like to begin in. If it is past 12 months since you submitted your application to us, you will need to reapply for admission.