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    A minor in Sport Management requires a total of 15 credit hours in SPMG courses.  To qualify, students must complete the pre-requisite course SPMG-2600 - introduction to Sport Management with a grade of C or better.  After fulfilling the prerequisite requirement, the student must select 4 SPMG elective courses level 3000 or above and maintain a minor GPA of 2.0 or better.

    • SPMG-2600 - Introduction Sport Management

      Course provides an overview of basic knowledge areas for the successful Sport Manager. Fundamental sport management principles, key skills required for success, and current issues are emphasized. A 2.0 GPA is required.

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    • SPMG-3660 - Managerial Ethics and Governance in Sport

      Students in this course will examine ethics and governance of sport organizations within the context of the managerial function. Students discuss various ethical theories, develop a framework for ethical decision-making, and have the opportunity to apply their decision-making framework to important sport industry issues. Students will also examine various governing agencies of sport and how these organizations impact managerial decision-making through policy development and implementation. Requires admission to the sport management major.

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    • SPMG-3662 - Management and Leadership in Sport Organizations

      This course emphasizes the management component of sport management. More specifically, the course will focus on means of improving performance within sports organizations. Several areas will be discusses to that effect, such as developing goals, making decisions, strategic planning, leadership, and human resource management. Requires an overall GPA of at least 2.50.

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    • SPMG-3663 - Sport Facility and Event Management

      This course is designed to develop student understanding and competencies necessary regarding designing, planning, and controlling of sport facilities and sport event logistics. Topics include: scheduling the sport facility, planning and scheduling of sport events, box office management, security and supervision of facility events, safety and medical services, housekeeping and maintenance, concessions and merchandise, risk management and insurance, media marketing of sport events, sponsorship of and hospitality at sport events, and assessment of the sport event.

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    • SPMG-3664 - Economics and Finance in Sport

      This course examines traditional and innovative methods of revenue acquisition and financial management in sports organizations. In addition, it examines the broader economic impact and implications in sport in society.

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    • SPMG-3665 - Communication in Sport

      This course is designed to serve as an introductory class in public and media relations for students in sport administration, including the presentation of principles, standards, and guidelines in sport public relations and information systems involved in sport information management. Information technology and its role in sport will be covered. Throughout the course the concepts of public relations within sport and leisure organizations will be examined and applied to sport.

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    • SPMG-4665 - Sport Marketing and Promotion

      Designed to provide students with a basic understanding of sports promotion and marketing. Fundamental marketing and promotional principles are emphasized as they relate to sports.

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    • SPMG-4667 - Legal Issues for Sport Management

      Examination of major legal issues in sport management. Emphasis on providing legally sound programs that reduce risk of litigation.

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    • SPMG-4668 - Human Resource Management in Sport

      An overview of human resource management, examining the techniques, policies, processes, strategies, and practices used by sport managers and organizations to utilize human resources effectively and efficiently. This includes topics such as equal employment opportunity, staffing, performance appraisal, compensation management, training and development, work life quality, health/safety, and labor-management relations.

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    • SPMG-4670 - Practicum

      Field experiences yield the necessity of receiving direction, undertaking responsibility, and demonstrating competence by applying theory learned from course work. It allows the student to complete a partial fulfillment in their degree program, and will help them discover career options and confirm career choices.

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    • SPMG-4680 - Applied Research Methods in Sport Management

      This course introduces students to the concepts and process of research. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies are discussed. Students will become informed consumers of research and thus develop and understanding of how to integrate research into decision making. Students will develop skills to conduct their own research related to the operation of sport organizations.

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    • SPMG-4685 - Special Topics in Sport Management

      This course provides the opportunity to offer course content and topics that may not be covered by other course titles. Titles and descriptions of specific courses will be identified at the time of offering. The course may be repeated for credit.

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