Where & how do I pay a ticket?

To pay with cash or check you will need to go to the cashier’s office at Aycock Hall. To pay with a credit card you would go on-line to your Banweb account. Visitors - please contact Parking and Transportation to alert us of any tickets that you receive while on campus

How do I appeal a ticket?

Go to http://parking.westga.edu/  Click on 'Look Up a Ticket' for the appeals form.

If I'm a visitor, what do I need to do?

All visitors are asked stop by the Welcome Center located at Bonner House on Front Campus Drive to register your vehicle information and obtain temporary visitors permit. They can be reached at 678-839-2232 concerning any questions you may have or after-hours registration.  Please alert the Parking and Transportation Office to any tickets that you receive while on visiting campus.

How do I get a student hangtag?

Go to http://parking.westga.edu/ and register your vehicle on-line and come to the parking office at Row Hall to obtain your hangtag.

How do I get a faculty/staff decal?

Go to the Parking Office at Row Hall and fill out a vehicle registration form and pay $15.00 cash or check.

Why does my parking account say zero balance with parking, but I have a hold?

The tickets download to the Bursar’s Office, it leaves a zero balance with Parking, your outstanding amount is owed to the Bursar’s Office.

Can Residential Freshmen park on campus?

Residential Freshmen can park on campus in student parking starting Friday at 12:00pm until Monday at 7:00am.

Can I use my hangtag in any vehicle?

Yes, your hangtag goes in any vehicle you drive. 

How can I get handicap parking?

You can get a 30 days temporary H/C with a doctor’s note that must say you need handicap parking and if you need it longer than 30 days you must go through the state for a state handicap placard, and you must come through the parking office to register your vehicle for H/C with the doctor’s note or state placard.

What if I have a temporary tag on my vehicle?

Come to Parking Office at Row Hall and receive a 3 week temp hangtag. You must know your VIN number.

Where can I get information about the bus routes, including real time tracking?

By scanning the QR code found in our bus stops and various locations around campus or going to www.westga.edu/parking.

Is there a shopper shuttle?

Yes, the shopper shuttle runs Wednesday 1pm-4pm and Friday from 12pm-4pm at the UCC Bus stop.

When can I park F/S and meters without being ticketed?

You can park in the F/S lots (NOT including Back campus Drive) and meters with a hangtag after 5pm.

Can I park on Back Campus Drive?

Students may not park on Back Campus Drive, 24/7/365. Back Campus Drive is restricted to Faculty and Staff.