A Welcome From the UWG Alumni Association Chair, Brad Mock '12 '15

Brad Mock

It is an exciting time to be a member of the UWG community, as we dedicate ourselves to the curation of a first-choice university! Under President Brendan B. Kelly’s leadership, our students, faculty, and staff continue to do amazing work, and our academic programs are ranked among the best in the nation in launching students' careers when they graduate – if not before. The UWG Alumni Association board of directors helps shape our trajectory and serves the university in intentional, meaningful ways, and it is my distinct honor and pleasure to lead the board as it invests in the future of UWG.

Go West, and Go Wolves!

The Alumni Association Board of Directors fosters relationships between alumni and the university through local, national, and international events and programming.

Applying to the Alumni Board of Directors

Membership is a three-year commitment requiring members to attend quarterly meetings and to serve on one committee. Terms begin July 1 and end June 30.

Applications for the 2022-2025 Board of Directors term will be open from January 7 through March 16, 2022.

Alumni Board Application

Meeting Minutes


Board Members

Pictured: Stephen Anthony

Stephen Anthony


Atlanta, Georgia

Pictured: Ashlyn Arp

Ashlyn Arp

2015, 2015


Pictured: Ashton Blackwood

Ashton Blackwood


Atlanta, Georgia

Pictured: Ashley Bush (Knight)

Ashley Bush (Knight)


Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: John "Philip" Cochran

John "Philip" Cochran


Kennesaw, Georgia

Pictured: Courtney Cook

Courtney Cook

2004, 2007

Atlanta, Georgia

Pictured: Chantrice Copeland

Chantrice Copeland


Atlanta, Georgia

Pictured: Troy Crittendon

Troy Crittendon


Atlanta, Georgia

Pictured: Karen Curtis

Karen Curtis

1974, 1978, 1984

Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Michael Davis

Michael Davis


Lawrenceville, Georgia

Pictured: Tanya Debick (Jackson)

Tanya Debick (Jackson)

1999, 2001

Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Marshall "Tyler" Duffey

Marshall "Tyler" Duffey

2009, 2013

Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Tracy Fields

Tracy Fields


Jonesboro, Georgia

Pictured: Samuel Gentry

Samuel Gentry


Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Donté Gilbert

Donté Gilbert

2013, 2015

College Park, Georgia

Pictured: Harold "Greg" Goodlett

Harold "Greg" Goodlett


Charlotte, North Carolina

Pictured: Keith Haber

Keith Haber


Fayetteville, Georgia

Pictured: Geraldine Helton (Threlkeld)

Geraldine Helton (Threlkeld)


Newton, North Carolina

Pictured: Melanie Hildebrandt (George)

Melanie Hildebrandt (George)

2003, 2008

Villa Rica, Georgia

Pictured: Edna Huey

Edna Huey

1944, 1958, 1971

Bowdon, Georgia

Pictured: Danielle Jenkins (Wagner)

Danielle Jenkins (Wagner)

1997, 2001

Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Jason Kennedy

Jason Kennedy


Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Allison Key (Kimball)

Allison Key (Kimball)


Bowdon, Georgia

Pictured: Ashley Kovac

Ashley Kovac

2011, 2013

Dacula, Georgia

Pictured: Lisa King Smith (King)

Lisa King Smith (King)

1991, 2007, 2014

Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Frederick "Rick" Martin

Frederick "Rick" Martin


Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Michael McDowell

Michael McDowell


Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Wanda McGukin (Rainey)

Wanda McGukin (Rainey)

1979, 1993, 1997

Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Michael "Brad" Mock

Michael "Brad" Mock

2012, 2015

Newnan, Georgia

Pictured: Justin Monsewicz

Justin Monsewicz


Smyrna, Georgia

Pictured: Savoyous "Artagus" Newell

Savoyous "Artagus" Newell

1997, 2005

Rome, Georgia

Pictured: Brian Nichols

Brian Nichols


Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Terie Phillips (Smith)

Terie Phillips (Smith)

1982, 1985, 1986

Bowdon, Georgia

Pictured: Judy Rowell (Copeland)

Judy Rowell (Copeland)

1966, 1970, 1972

Bowdon, Georgia

Pictured: Semeka Samuels (Merrill)

Semeka Samuels (Merrill)


Powder Springs, Georgia

Pictured: Christopher Sanders

Christopher Sanders


Stone Mountain, Georgia

Pictured: Shelby Scott-Guinn

Shelby Scott-Guinn

2017, 2019

LaGrange, Georgia

Pictured: Peggy Smith (Funderburk)

Peggy Smith (Funderburk)


Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Barbara Tanner (Reed)

Barbara Tanner (Reed)


Carrollton, Georgia

Pictured: Donald "Donnie" Walker

Donald "Donnie" Walker


Fayetteville, Georgia

Pictured: Joyce White (Pryor)

Joyce White (Pryor)


Atlanta, Georgia

Pictured: Dexter Williams

Dexter Williams


LaGrange, Georgia