Transportation Options to UWG Campus

  • Unfortunately, our normal free Airport pickup shuttle is not available Fall 2021 due to Covid-10.
  • We recommend rideshare services such as Lyft or Uber , or an official airport taxi. These will be at your own expense. Rideshares work via mobile app associated with a personal credit card. The Atlanta International Airport (ATL) provides free Wi-Fi, so you can access Lyft or Uber upon arrival. 
  • Where to meet Lyft or Uber? Find the designated passenger pick-up area for Lyft / Uber drivers just outside the terminal areas in Atlanta. Follow the "ground transportation" signs.

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When will free airport shuttles be available again? 

Beginning in Spring 2022, ISAP should be able to provide a free shuttle to campus from the Atlanta airport again. Dates and times will be posted here.

  • Shuttle #1: TBA 
  • Shuttle #2: TBA

Where to Meet:

Domestic Terminal South outside doorway #S6 by the sign, "Passenger Pick-Up LS2" (Lower South 2) This domestic terminal map may be helpful also.

  • Travel time to campus is approximately 1 hour
  • Allow at least 1 hour after your flight arrival time to deplane, collect luggage, clear customs, and find your way to the meeting point.
    • Example: Your flight arrives at 8:30am. Shuttle 1 leaves at 9:00am = you will not make it. Contact ISAP to see if we have room on shuttle 2 later.
    • Example: Your flight arrives at 1:15pm. Shuttle 2 leaves at 2:00pm = you might not make it. If not, use Lyft / Uber / or a taxi. We cannot reimburse the cost.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to wait or delay shuttle departure.

Reserve Your Shuttle Ride 

  • Deadline to reserve: TBA

Atlanta Hotels (if needed): If you plan to book an airport area hotel at your own expense prior to meeting the shuttle, please let us know. We can advise you on appropriate costs, proximity to the airport, breakfast and shuttle service to / from the airport.

Disclaimer: ISAP takes no responsibility for shuttles missed due to late, rerouted, or delayed flights. While every effort will be made to assist those who reserve in advance, ISAP cannot guarantee this service. On Friday if you miss the last shuttle for some reason, you are responsible for finding your own transportation to campus.

AVAILABLE SPRING 2022: Airport Pickup Request Form