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    For Campus Announcements and Personal Announcements check your UWG student email. For more information please refer to the Student Email section below.

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    The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is your chance to provide feedback and help make UWG better! Complete the survey, and you could win a prize. In appreciation for participating, students who complete the NSSE will be automatically entered in random drawings. Every Tuesday and Thursday between 2/14 and 4/25, prize packs worth up to $25 will be given away. On 4/30 and 5/1, two final drawings for prize packs worth up to $50 will be held. Check your UWG e-mail for your survey invitation!

    Student Email

    You can access your student email via Gmail using your UWG username and password.


    University Police

    UWG Police
    (678) 839-6000

    For on-campus emergencies please contact the UWG Police.


  • My Campus

    Student Financial Resources

    Fee Payment Information

    You can pay tuition and fees online in banweb. Click the banweb tab above, then Student and Financial Information, then Registration and Fee Payment, then Pay Fees. Fee Payment Info

    Wolves Card

    The Wolves Card is your student id, and provides access to your residence hall room, and your campus bucks account.

    Financial Aid

    The Financial Aid office can assist you in finding loans and scholarships to help pay for your education.

    BankMobile Vibe Card

    The BankMobile Vibe Card is a debit card providing electronic funds disbursement. No lines, no waiting for your balance check to shown up in the mail!

    Student Financial Services

    The Bursar's office disburses student balance checks and collects student fees.

    Student Resources

    Career Services

    Whether you are looking for part time employment while you are a student, or full time employment as you near graduation, Career Services can help.

    Dining Services

    Dining Services goal is to make your dining experience the best it can be by providing good, nutritious food in a relaxed atmosphere. So come and join us and enjoy the comfort, convenience and inviting atmosphere that we have to offer!

    Center for Academic Success

    The Center for Academic Success offers peer tutoring in the core curriculum courses, Supplemental Instruction in over 70 course sections, academic coaching for all students, and a variety of academic success workshops.

    Financial Aid

    The Financial Aid office can assist you in finding loans and scholarships to help pay for your education.

    Health Services

    Health Services provides outpatient treatment, treatment rooms for care of minor emergencies and beds for patients who must be observed.

    Registrar's Office

    Those seeking assistance with holds, transcript requests, name changes, senior evaluation or apply for graduation should visit the Registrar's Office.


    Center for Student Involvement

    If you are looking to be involved on campus, the Center for Student Involvement office can help you!

    Student Development

    Counseling and Career Development Center has licensed counselors that can help you cope with the change to college life. They also offer career and academic counseling.

    Online Orientation

    Online Orientation is available to all students as an additional resource to familiarize yourself about all the wonderful resources and services available to UWG students. When you click the link below, follow the directions for access to this valuable resource!

    Please note: Online Orientation does not fulfill your Orientation requirement.

    For questions and other inquires please contact us at (678) 839-4739 or orient@westga.edu.

    The University Writing Center (UWC)

    Need help with a writing assignment? Contact the UWC to schedule your writing tutorial today!

  • Banweb


    Banweb is a secure, online tool used to manage student information and register for classes online. Through BanWeb, students can register and perform typical student tasks from the comfort of their own home or dorm room.

    To access Banweb click the button below.


    Banweb Resources

    Resources in Banweb are available to all students to perform a variety of tasks. These resources include:

    • Registration and Fee Payment
    • Student Records
    • Financial Aid
    • Wolf Watch
    • Admissions Menu
    • Personal Information
    • Student Detail Schedule
    • Drop/Add Classes
  • My Courses

    My Courses

    You may find information regarding your current courses using the following applications:

    Course Den

    Course Den is UWG's version of D2L Brightspace and is a Learning Management System (LMS) available to all UWG students. Here you will find course information and materials, assignments, and assignment grades for a large number of courses taught at UWG. It is used for both online as well as face-to-face courses.

    eCampus' eMajor & eCore, WebMBA, European Union

    Georgia Online Virtual Instruction Enterprise Wide (GoVIEW) is a learning management system for online collaborative programs offered by University System of Georgia (USG) institutions. GoVIEW Brightspace by D2L is used to deliver courses online to students throughout the USG.


    Banweb is where you will find your official course schedule and grades. It is also used to drop and add classes. Banweb is available to all UWG students.

  • External Resources

    External Resources

    EAB Navigate

    EAB Navigate is an easy way to schedule an advising appointment with many advisors on campus, to request a tutor, or email all of your professors in just a couple of clicks. Learn more.

    Undergraduate Students - EverFi AlcoholEdu & Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates (SAPU)

    Graduate Students - Everfi AlcoholEdu & Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students (SAPG)

    UWG has partnered with EverFi, whose mission is to help students address & develop critical life skills. AlcoholEdu empowers students to make well-informed decisions and provides some simple strategies to help you and your friends stay safe. Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates (SAPU) and Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students (SAPG) are programs that educate students about the elements of healthy relationships, the importance of sexual consent, and the role of bystanders in creating safe, healthy communities. AlcoholEdu and SAPU/SAPG offer a confidential, personalized experience for each student. Please see the EverFi Instructions and FAQ page for more information.

    UWG Proof of Enrollment

    Official Certifications of Enrollment or "Proof of Enrollment" letters are generated online. This online process is free and allows students to get up-to-date information on their enrollment status to send to health insurers or other organizations. Enrollment Certifications may be requested for the current semester, for total enrollment history, or for advanced registration. Learn more.


    This COE system allows students to submit a variety of assessments (course-embedded assignments, clinical experience evaluations, program specific observations, portfolios, etc.) that are used to measure candidate performance.

    StarRez Housing

    Manage your housing contract and other services.

    Math Placement Testing - ALEKS

    Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) is an online, web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system.

    UWG Scholarship Application

    Academic Resources

    Center for Academic Success

    The Center for Academic Success offers peer tutoring in the core curriculum courses, Supplemental Instruction in over 70 course sections, academic coaching for all students, and a variety of academic success workshops.

    Math Tutoring Center

    The Department of Mathematics operates a free tutoring service called the Math Tutoring Center. The tutoring center is staffed by faculty and students who have demonstrated an understanding of the mathematics courses offered at this institution.

    The University Writing Center

    Designed to serve the entire campus community, the Writing Center offers a full-range of tutoring services for writers in all courses in the University curriculum.

  • TechNet Support

    TechNet Support

    The following free software is offered to all UWG students.

    Office 365 Pro Plus

    The University of West Georgia, in coordination with Microsoft, is now offering Office 365 Pro Plus to all currently enrolled, active students for free. This includes the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite for up to 5 Windows or Mac computers as well as the Microsoft Office Mobile Suite for up to 5 mobile devices on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. In addition to Microsoft Office, students also have access to 1 TB (1024 GB) of online storage via Microsoft's OneDrive.

    For any issues regarding the Office 365 portal page or downloads, please contact out Office 365 support team at uwgoffice365@westga.edu