If you are signing up for a fully or entirely online course, remember that your professor might require you to take proctored exams on specific days and there may be fees associated with them. Read the sections below on Exams and Testing and consider checking with your professor on required exam dates.

Online Student Services Quick Start Guide (DOC)

Online Learning occurs when there is a separation between the instructor and the student, usually due to geographical or time concerns that prevent the student from attending an on-campus course.

An online course is web-based and allows students to interact with the instructor and other students through discussion boards, email and other various online resources. Course notes, assignments, projects and grades are delivered using an online course management tool like CourseDen (powered by Desire2Learn). Tests can even be taken online however some instructors may require students to take proctored exams which can be taken at any approved testing center world-wide. Additional proctored testing site fees may apply.

Online learning generally provides considerable freedom, allowing students to often choose when and where they'll participate in class activities. But at the same time, UWG Online courses are not like independent study or self-paced courses where students work by themselves or at their own pace. Each course has a syllabus and schedule to follow. Instructors specify the content to be covered in the course, dates for exams and quizzes, individual and group assignments and other activities that students must complete by a particular date.

Depending on the program, you can earn your degree online, face-to-face, or in a hybrid setting. You'll be taught by experienced, well-credentialed experts and you can expect low student-teacher ratios.

Areas of interest include:

  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Criminology / Criminal Justice
  • Computer Science
  • Business
  • Sociology
  • Counseling and Educational Psychology
  • Dual Credit / Joint Enrollment
  • Undecided? Start today with eCore!

Dozens of distance courses in many disciplines are offered each term

Online Degree and Certificate Programs may not be available in all states. If you are an out-of-state student, please contact Meggie Miller, the Director of Distance Education, to confirm that the program is available in your state. On the State Regulations page, we make every effort to help you locate the best known contact information for the appropriate state licensing board(s).

Advantages of Online Learning

As a online student, you will have many advantages in that you will be able to take courses at a place and time convenient for YOU. You will also have the opportunity to interact with a variety of students from a dispersed geographical area, and will have access to a greater number of resources and experts than you might in a traditional classroom setting. Finally, you may find that you are able to have greater control over the learning process, and may be able to customize the course in a way that best suits your specific learning needs.

Are you a resident of a state other than Georgia? If so, you will not be charged out-of-state tuition if you take entirely online courses exclusively. However, all non-residents must check in with the Director or UWG Online (email online@westga.edu), in order to ensure that UWG is allowed to enroll residents of your state.  Distance education programs in nursing, education, social work, counseling, and allied health professions, may require additional approval from separate licensing boards, depending on the state. Students that reside outside the state of Georgia who are considering a professional program should contact the appropriate Board in their state of residency prior to beginning a course of study. On the State Licensure page, we make every effort to help you locate the best known contact information for the appropriate state licensing board(s).

Challenges of Online Learning

However, you must be prepared to take on greater responsibility than those engaged in traditional learning. You will need to discipline yourself to stay actively involved with the course, and may find that you spend an even greater amount of time reading and preparing for this course than you do a traditional course. Studies show that successful distance learning students are independent, self-motivated, and disciplined. You must be able to access and use a computer with reliable Internet access and be able to use basic computer software.

UWG is an accredited institution with specific requirements for degree seeking students. Students enrolling in online learning or off-campus courses must first be admitted through the admissions office. It is important that students register for distance classes during early registration whenever possible.

To attend UWG as an undergraduate, you may apply online. Admission requirements vary based on student type. Please visit the Prospective Students webpage to view admissions requirements. To attend as a graduate student apply to the Graduate School.

Explore scholarship opportunities after you have been accepted through the Scholarship website. Many scholarship awards are applied automatically based on information from your admission application and FAFSA.

Prospective students are invited to visit UWG on a campus tour or at a scheduled event. All prospective students and their guests may register for a visit that meets their needs on the Visit West webpage.

You can visit the Momentum Center for help with things like Advising, Campus Services, Registration, Career and Graduate School Connections, Financial Aid, and more! 

All students may contact the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services by phone or visit their offices located on the first floor of Aycock Hall. Payments are accepted online and in person only. Fees can be paid online through the Student Portal with any major credit card and a fee of 2.85%. They can also be paid in person with cash, credit card, or a personal check at the Cashier’s window in Aycock Hall.

Check out The Scoop for instructions, specific term important dates, deadlines, directions to off-campus sites, and fee schedules.

For graduate-level students admitted into 100% online graduate programs, an immunization hold will NOT be placed on the students record upon admission. The approved graduate programs are as follows:

  • 4000 Media
  • N400 Media Non-Degree
  • 5950 School Improvement EDD
  • PCNS Professional Counseling and Supervision EDD & EDS
  • 1900 Early Childhood MED & EDS
  • N235 Cert Ed Leadership PB
  • N236 Cert Ed Leadership Tier 1
  • 7005 Special Education MED
  • 7010 Special Education EDS
  • 5500 Reading Instruction
  • 0450 Applied Computer Science
  • 4200 Music Education
  • 430M Nursing, MSN
  • CHSL Health Systems Leadership Certification
  • CNED Nursing Education Certification
  • NRSE Nursing Education EDD
  • 0910 WebMBA
  • SPMT Sport Management, MS
  • AUSD Autism Endorsement
  • HEDU Higher Education Administration, EDD
  • KSCI K-5 Science Endorsement
  • MATH K-5 Math Endorsement
  • READ Reading Endorsement
  • 6010 Secondary Education, EDS


NOTE: Online students may qualify for a term-by-term exemption to the immunization policy. Contact the Immunization Clerk for more information.

For more information specific to the program you are interested in, please check out our site or use one of the following resources


Online Degree and Certificate Programs may not be available in all states. If you are an out-of-state student, please contact Meggie Miller, the Director of Distance Education, to confirm that the program is available in your state. On the State Regulations page, we make every effort to help you locate the best known contact information for the appropriate state licensing board(s).

If you are a student in the Newnan area, please contact the Newnan center for assistance with admissions and registration: (678) 839-2300.

The Office of Admissions’ Newnan representative is available to meet with prospective students in Newnan on Mondays and Thursdays from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Admissions representatives are also able to assist with Dual Enrollment questions. Official tours of UWG Newnan for prospective students and families are offered every Monday and Thursday at 2:00 pm. Tours are scheduled via Visit West.

Area high school students interested in the Dual Enrollment (formerly MOWR) program in Newnan may meet with the Coordinator of Dual Enrollment (formerly MOWR) at the Newnan Center by appointment only by emailing the department at dualenroll@westga.edu

The Newnan Office of Student Services’ Enrollment Specialist provides enrollment services assistance to Newnan students, including registration and fee payment.

UWG Online offers several online programs to meet the needs of busy adult learners as they pursue their educational goals or make the transition into a different career. Sometimes, however, returning to school takes a little extra support. In addition to UWG's Veterans and Military Programs Office, some of the resources we offer to adult learners include:

Knowledgeable advisors
Prior Learning Assessment
Flexible classes - Online, evening, short sessions

Busy Adult Learners can find flexible undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas such as:

  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Criminology
  • Computer Science
  • Business
  • Sociology
  • Professional Counseling

Orientation Options for Online Students: All online instructors are provided with narrated and non-narrated orientation presentations, as well as a complete Orientation module that they may include in their online class. The module reviews services, as well as navigation of the course management system, how to use each of the tools, practice assignments, and information on how to get help. For those enrolled in hybrid courses, we sponsor multiple drop-in sessions, set up help tables outside busy locations, offer to do in-class demonstrations, and participate in the on-campus orientations.

Access to resources are communicated to students through the course syllabi, university websites, e-mail announcements, face-to-face orientations, online student orientations available within the course management system (CourseDen), myUWG portal announcements, and the UWG Student Handbook & Wolf Code. All new students who register for at least one face-to-face or hybrid (partially online) course are required to attend an on-campus orientation before starting classes. Only students who take only fully online courses may be exempt from having to travel to campus for an orientation.

Additional online orientation resources, including details on how to access a demo course, are provided on our Orientation site.

Specific degree programs may have additional orientation requirements.

All new eCore students must complete the eCore Introduction Quiz prior to enrolling in an eCore course. The eCore Introduction Quiz provides students with critical information about course success as well as what to expect in their online eCore course.  Further instruction is provided in the eCore Welcome Letter, which is sent to all eCore students at the beginning of the term.  Students may also refer to the UWG eCore website or the eCore Student Success Guide online for ongoing reference.

Also, all registered eCore students are encouraged to login early to the online course management system, GoView, and complete the eCore Student Orientation course, eConnection.  Login information is emailed to each registered eCore student two weeks before the first day of class.  All eCore courses also include a course-specific orientation within the first week’s lesson. 

The Newnan Office of Student Services refer first year Newnan Center students to Orientation Office's website to register for one of the upcoming sessions.

You can determine if your class is taught online, on campus, or a mixture of both by looking at the instructional method code on the schedule of classes. Classes taught online may meet synchronously (set meeting date and time) or asynchronously (no set meeting date or time). For information on how online courses are labeled (online course designations), please refer to the Instructional Method Information on the Registrar's Student Registration webpage.

A student must first be admitted to our school, before they can register for classes.

How to register online (video)

See the Registrar's Office website for questions regarding registration.

Tuition and Fees - Off-campus course students (section#s 40-99) and students in fully online courses (NET) are often not charged all mandatory fees unless they ALSO take an on-campus course (on the main Carrollton campus).  All students in the University System of Georgia must pay the Special Institutional Fee; however, other fee rules can very by program or by course - see our Online Cost page for sample comparisons.

Mandatory Fees can be found on the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Service's website. Some courses will have special fees associated with them.

Test Proctoring Fees - in addition, some instructors in fully online course may require that you take a proctored exam at a testing site or virtually. These sites may charge students a proctoring fee that is anywhere from $10 per exam to $50 per exam. Check with the instructor to find out whether a class will require a proctored exam.

Undergraduate and Graduate Fee information, registration dates and fee payment deadlines are available in The Scoop semester campus information guide. 

For Registration and Financial Aid information, Student Solutions is available via email, phone, or in-person at the Momentum Center.

All students can make payments online or in person to the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services. Fees can be paid online through the Student Portal with any major credit card. There is a 2.85% processing fee for all credit card payments. Fees can also be paid in person with cash, personal check or money order at the Cashier's window in Aycock Hall.

First Time eCore students must follow these steps to register for eCore classes:

Step 1: Take the eCore Introduction Quiz

Before registering for an eCore course, you must first complete the eCore Introduction Quiz, which is a short online orientation and quiz.

Step 2: Receive the "Next Steps" email

You will receive an email to your UWG student account after your quiz processes. The eCore quiz processes every hour on the half hour. Once you have completed the quiz, it will process at one of these times. If you do not receive an email with your next steps within 24 hours after taking the eCore Introduction Quiz, please contact your eCore Liaison.

Step 3: Register in Self-Service Banner

You may register after your quiz processes and you have received the "Next Steps" email.

You will receive a prerequisite and test score registration error if these steps are not followed when registering for an eCore class.

CourseDen Log in - Now using UWG ID! (these instructions do not apply to eCore, eMajor, EU, or WebMBA)

UWG ID: A single username and password that gives you convenient access to many UWG Services -  includes your UWG gmail and CourseDen!

Step 1: You must have already registered your UWG ID using the Self Service Portal.
(hint = registered UWG ID accesses your UWG gmail)

Step 2:  Log to CourseDen and enter:
Username = your registered UWG ID username (ex. sdoe1)
Password = your registered UWG ID password (hint = it’s at least 12 characters long)

Need Help?

For UWG ID help, contact ITS Service Desk - M-F 8am-5pm - (678) 839-6587 - servicedesk@westga.edu

For CourseDen help, contact UWG|Online Helpdesk - M-F 8am-5pm - (678) 839-6248 or CourseDen 24-hour Help

Learn more about the UWG ID by visiting the UWG ID Information Page.

Learn about UWG

  • basic directions
  • links to tutorials
  • services
  • downloads
  • and more

View the orientation website for orientation options, including a demo course.

For help with Campus Email, Self-Service Banner, and other online services offered by the University, please contact Information Technology Services.


Telephone & Email Support Specific to Online Education?

UWG Online Help Desk

CourseDen 24-Hour Help

24 hours a day / 7 days a week


Admissions - Undergraduate: 678-839-4000
Admissions - Graduate: 678-839-6419
Bookstore: 678-839-6523
Library: 1-800-295-2321

For Registration and Financial Aid, Student Solutions in the Momentum Center is available via email, phone, or in-person.

All related forms are available online. Students may apply for financial aid online, including the ability to have students and parents sign their application using an electronic pin#.

The UWG Financial Aid office also offers presentations and courses to groups, classes, and individuals, on financial aid, financial planning, and other money matters. Consultation and appointments with Financial Aid advisors and staff are available both face-to-face and via phone.

Additionally students and parents may visit the University of West Georgia's Scholarship Search website to search and apply for scholarships through UWG. In order to apply for scholarships at the University of West Georgia, students need to have been admitted through the Admissions Office as an incoming freshmen/transfer student OR they will need to already be an enrolled student to apply for scholarships as a current student. However, all are welcome to search scholarship opportunities through this site for information purposes.

The Newnan Office of Student Services' Enrollment Specialist provides enrollment services assistance to Newnan Center students, including financial aid.

The same financial aid opportunities are available for online students as on-campus students.

Additionally, our UWG Online and eCore web sites highlight the aid that is available and the costs:

The Advisement Center has academic advisors who help students explore various options and help them choose a major best suited for them. Advisement Center staff members are available by appointment, phone (678-839-5342), and email (advising@westga.edu) for advisement.

The Advising Center Offers:

  1. information about advising and registration
  2. access to tools that put you in the driver’s seat
  3. course recommendations to keep students on track for graduation
  4. the fastest graduation date possible

For those who have declared a major, the Advisement Center provides a guide, click on the following link and look for “Who is My Advisor”.

These advisement centers:

  • provide intensive advising support through regular contact with their advisees
  • help students explore various fields of interest, select a specific academic major, research career options that relate to their programs
  • develop plans of study appropriate for students’ educational goals
  • refer students to other campus offices for assistance in academic, personal, and career counseling; academic skills development; and financial aid

Since 2008, real-time online services have been made available to facilitate virtual advisement via instant-messaging and online collaborative tools. Faculty and departments advise distance and off-campus students online via email, web-conferencing, and by telephone. Students can also receive advising from faculty and full-time advisors at our off-campus locations, at specified times.

As of Fall 2012, courses are provided within our online learning management system (CourseDen D2L) for advising based on at-risk situations or majors.

While online eCore students are still directed to consult with an advisor in their program of study or the Advisement center, eCore students are also assigned eCore Liaisons. They are knowledgeable about all issues associated with admissions, registration, student services, and success in the eCore program. The eCore Liaisons and central eCore Student Success Manager and accompanying Student Success Team members contact the online eCore students frequently via Google groups, with tidbits of helpful information and reminders. The eCore Student Success Team also takes at-risk reports from all eCore instructors and follow-up with at-risk students by email, phone, or text.

At our UWG Newnan site, several advisors are available:

  • The Academic Instructional Support Specialist provides general academic advising for undeclared majors and visitors.
  • Part-time eCore advisor (housed at Newnan one-two days a week for any program related questions)

On-Site advising is available for the following majors:

  • Anthropology to 60 hours
  • English to 30 hours
  • Focus Area Social Sciences
  • Focus Area Humanities
  • History to 60 hours
  • Nursing
  • Philosophy to 60 hours
  • Political Science to 60 hours
  • Social & Behavioral Health to 60 hours
  • Sociology to 60 hours
  • Undeclared

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) provides services, programs, and opportunities to help all undergraduate students succeed academically. CAS offers free appointment-based peer tutoring in core courses, as well as supplemental instruction (SI)—which is peer-facilitated collaborative learning—in a variety of disciplines. Students seeking help with study skills and strategies can work individually with either a staff or Peer Academic Coach. The Center for Academic Success can be reached at 678-839-6280 or by email at cas@westga.edu.

The CAS offers:

  • An Academic Coaching Program - Academic coaches, peers and professionals, can assist you with any challenges you may face as you transition into college, as well as the obstacles you may encounter as you enter your second year. Including:
    1. Study skills
    2. Time management
    3. Test Taking
    4. Learning Styles
  • A Peer Tutoring Program - Peer Tutors are student leaders on campus who have excelled in the courses they are tutoring in. The Peer Tutoring Program offers three different modes of tutoring:
    1. One-on-one, appointment-based tutoring in all core curriculum courses and many major-specific courses. Appointments can be held in-person or online.
    2. STEM Drop-In Tutoring for a variety of science and math courses in TLC 1201. The STEM Drop-In Tutoring Center is open Monday - Thursday from 10:00 am - 7:00 pm.
    3. Drop-In Tutoring in all core courses, including many upper level courses, in UCC 200. The Drop-In Tutoring Center is open Monday - Thursday from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm.
  • A Supplemental Instruction Program - Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides conveniently scheduled study sessions led by a trained student leader who has already made an A in difficult courses. SI leaders use engaging activities to help you understand and retain difficult course material.
  • Computer Training - The Computing Success eXperience Lab (csX) has several students with specific skill in tutoring for CS 1000 (Practical Computing), CS 1020 (Computers and Society), and CS 1030 (Intro to Computer Concepts) who’d be able to offer computer literacy support. The csX Lab is located in TLC 1201.

Additionally, any of the CAS tutors are trained to meet their student “tutees” where they are in any of their current soft-skill proficiency level (reading, language, computer literacy, etc.). All CAS’ tutors are computer proficient at least at the basic use level and would be able to infuse tutoring sessions with computer literacy techniques should a student need or desire that assistance.

The Center for Academic Success is located in UCC 200, and can be reached at 678-839-6280. They offer extended hours throughout the semester. Students have the University Writing Center and the STEM Tutoring Center available for appointments and walk-in assistance.

For online/off-campus students:

  • Faculty members hold online office hours in order to offer additional support to their distance and off-campus students. CourseDen (D2L), Zoom, Google Meet, and other distance education technologies have provided effective ways for faculty to provide learning support.
  • If there are special requirements that students need at off-campus sites, such as the UWG Newnan site, arrangements are made for personnel from the main campus to be available on site. This is in addition to the regularly-scheduled office hours that faculty provide at off-campus locations.
  • The University Writing Center offers availability within the Newnan Campus at various days and times.
  • Academic Peer Tutors for various discipline areas are available to assist Newnan Center students weekly through the Center for Academic Success.
  • The Distance and Distributed Education Center provides many levels of support, including support and services for academic support.
    • Tutor.com, an online tutoring and writing service, is provided for all online/off-campus students, including eCore and students enrolled at the UWG Newnan or any other off-campus instructional site. To access Tutor.com, you can use the link in the Resources tab in CourseDen.
  • Plagiarism services, such as TurnItIn, are also available as a teaching tool for fully online/off-campus students and faculty involved in UWG Online and eCore.
  • Online Tutors are embedded in eCore math and science classes, offering virtual tutoring sessions to eCore students via the online platform GoView.

The Counseling Center provides mental health counseling for all University of West Georgia students. Individual and group counseling are available as well as psychiatric care. Virtual and in person sessions are available. The center is staffed with Licensed Professional Counselors who are highly educated, experienced, and skilled in working with college age and non-traditional students. The Counseling Center also has an on-call counselor for crises after hours. Call 678-839-6428 and select option 2 to be connected to the on-call counselor. Students who would like to make an appointment to begin services may walk-in, call 678-839-6428 or email the Counseling Center at counseling@westga.edu.

The Newnan Office of Student Services’ Student Development Specialist refers Newnan Center students in need of counseling services to the Counseling Center for assistance with academic and mental health needs.

Regular Course Materials

UWG course materials may be purchased in person at the University Bookstore or through the UWG Bookstore’s website, with free in-store pickup, free campus delivery or delivery via mail service for an additional fee. Students who buy books online may also return them for a refund, provided they follow the proper return policy guidelines found on the bookstore receipt. University of West Georgia students may also use their Bookstore to the Rescue financial aid funds to purchase their Textbooks.

Special Order Materials

To special order course materials from the University Bookstore (bookstore@westga.edu), you must email your name, student ID number, phone number, E-mail address (school and/or personal) and course(s) and text information. Special Order questions can be answered by calling the bookstore at 678-839-5562.

Once your books arrive, you will be contacted either by phone, e-mail, or both for you to pick up your order. If students prefer to have their books shipped at an additional cost; they will need to specify that on the order and provide their shipping information.

Students ordering special order textbooks may use the Bookstore to the Rescue financial aid program to purchase their textbooks.

Please note that if your special order will not arrive by the time Bookstore to the Rescue expires, the bookstore may have to deduct the funds up front to ensure the Bookstore to the Rescue deadline is met.

It is very important to note students should consider special orders very carefully and are committed to seeing their order through to completion.

eCore utilizes open educational resources (OER), which are free online textbooks located inside the courses. Information on how to access these free resources is available within the course. eCore students may order their lab kits (for classes with lab components only) through the eScienceLabs Direct website.

Bookstore services for distance and off-campus students are evaluated in the Distance Learning/off-campus evaluation form. According to results from the last three years, more than 85 percent of students agreed or strongly agreed that materials required for their courses were available for convenient purchase.

Books for courses taken at the University of West Georgia Newnan are available through the University Bookstore. Ordering can be completed online with several shipping options including delivery via UWG Newnan shuttle.

Ingram Library & GALILEO

All UWG students are able to borrow books from any college or university in the University System of Georgia. Students also have access on-campus and remotely to GALILEO and Ingram Library databases. Library services include research consultations, check-out of books and other items (such as DVDs, laptops, and graphing calculators) from the UWG collection and other USG libraries, delivery of journal articles or other library materials from UWG’s collection, and interlibrary loan services for items not held by UWG. Group study rooms are available also.

More information is available on the Library’s homepage.

ILLiad (Mail Delivery of Library Services)

Online and off-campus students may request delivery (by mail, including postage-paid return label) of items from the UWG collection and interlibrary loan and delivery of articles through our electronic delivery management system, ILLiad. Check out the Library's Resources for Distance Learners web page that outlines library services and resources available to online and off-campus students.

Questions can be directed to resourcesharing@westga.edu.

Students who have learning, psychological or physical accessibility concerns may contact Accessibility Services at the University of West Georgia. The office of Accessibility Services is housed in the Counseling Center and is committed to providing access to campus resources and opportunities to allow students with disabilities to obtain a quality educational experience at UWG. Students may contact coordinators from Accessibility Services by telephone or email. These coordinators communicate with faculty to plan for the individual needs of students.

A Student Affairs Generalist, housed part-time at the UWG Newnan site, serves as a first-stop source for student services such as Accessibility services. This person then refers those who need additional help to the appropriate office on the main campus.

The Distance & Distributed Education Center also helps faculty provide technology options for students with accessibility concerns. For example, instructors are provided with the tools to create ADA-compliant web resources; closed captioning for audio or video-based lectures, audio-based discussion boards, and tools for students with limited dexterity.

CourseDen (UWG course management system) has accessibility features, including closed captioning, and formatting for browser readers. UWG Online trains faculty on appropriate uses of technology to meet the needs of students with disabilities and to meet ADA guidelines.

The CourseDen ReadSpeaker Integration automatically enables ReadSpeaker online text-to-speech technology for CourseDen’s HTML content page for all users. Any student can hear their HTML course content spoken aloud or download it as an MP3 using only their internet browser. Students can also highlight and play back a subset of the content.

Additional accessibility information is provided for eCore students.

The Newnan Office of Student Services’ Student Development Specialist refers Newnan Center students in need of accessibility services to the Counseling Center.

UWG Online also provides information on 3rd party tools' accessibility statements.

All students benefit from the Academic Testing Services at the University of West Georgia. The Academic Testing Services provides departmental, institutional, and national testing opportunities to students and non-students in an atmosphere which enables examinees to perform to the best of their abilities. This atmosphere relies on test administration practices which:

  1. adhere to nationally recognized professional testing standards and government regulations
  2. maintain the integrity of the testing process by incorporating ethical standards and security measures
  3. treat all examinees in a professional yet personable manner.

The UWG testing office adheres to the Standards and Guidelines of the National College Testing Association. Students can arrange services by calling or emailing The Academic Testing Services office at (678) 839-6345 or testwest@westga.edu. The Academic Testing Services office provides a variety of test registration materials and also administers a series of regional, national and institutional exams. The ATS office also provides a supervised environment for students with documented physical and/or learning disabilities that are eligible to receive accommodations, such as extended time for their classroom tests and any other requests needed. The ATS office provides test proctoring services to UWG students, including online/off-campus and eCore students, as well as to other institutions and various entities such as licensing boards, for employment testing and national testing companies for a small fee.

For online/off-campus students:

  • Off-campus students often take exams administered by their professors at their off-campus locations. The UWG Newnan also provides test proctoring services on site.
  • Off-campus and distance students can also use approved proctoring sites at other university libraries or approved testing sites worldwide.
  • Exams and quizzes can be administered via CourseDen (D2L) either online at a location convenient to the student or a designated computer lab.
  • Some students who take their CourseDen (D2L) exams in a computer lab use Respondus Lock Down Browser as an additional means of security and integrity. *note: Respondus Lockdown Browser is supported by ITS. Please contact them for questions, concerns, issues, etc.

Instructors who teach courses that are mostly online have the option of using UWG Online’s Online Exam Proctoring Services. Students schedule their tests at a center convenient to them, and the UWG Online Testing Coordinator provides the proctor with the password. Proctors confirm the identity of the student, enter the password through the course management, maintain physical proximity to the student, and ensure exam integrity. The UWG Online Testing Coordinator locates proctors for students who are located more than 100 miles away from an approved site.

Through funds raised through online course tuition, UWG was able to expand and update its Carrollton Campus Testing Center site, as well as open a new location at the off-campus Newnan site. The UWG Newnan site offers proctoring services to students taking eCore, UWG Online, and online courses from other universities (for a small fee). Students make appointments with Newnan staff to have midterm and final exams proctored at the UWG Newnan site. Students may purchase blue books and scantrons at the UWG Newnan site.

eCore students may review more information about proctored exams on the eCore Proctored Experiences webpage.

Off-campus students often take exams administered by their professors at their off-campus locations. The Newnan Center also provides test proctoring services on site for students taking eCore, UWG Online, and online courses from other universities (for a small fee). Students make appointments with Newnan staff to have midterm and final exams proctored at the Newnan Center.

Please contact both Academic Testing Services offices for a schedule of tests that are available at each location.

Every UWG student is assigned a FREE email account. Email accounts are activated once you have been admitted and registered for at least one class. To access your email accounts follow these steps:

Access Option 1

  • Access the University of West Georgia homepage
  • Click “Sign In” on the upper right-hand side of the page.
  • Select "OneLogin" from the menu options. MyUWG gives you access to email, self-service banner, and some course resources.
  • From the next screen, type in your username and password. If you don't know your username and password click on the link that says "Login Issues?".
  • Once you have logged in, you can click the "Google Mail" option to access your email.

Access Option 2

  • Access the Gmail webpage.
  • Enter your UWG email address and click "Next".
  • Gmail will transfer your login to UWG's OneLogin platform. Type in your username and password. If you don't know your username and password click on the link that says "Login Issues?".

Change Your Password

  • Access the University of West Georgia homepage
  • Click “Sign In” on the upper right-hand side of the page.
  • Select "OneLogin" from the menu options.
  • From the next screen, type in your username and password. If you don't know your username and password click on the link that says "Login Issues?".
  • Once you have logged in, to change your password click you name in the top right-hand corner of the page and choose "Profile".
  • Click "Change Password" on the left-hand side and fill in the necessary information.


If you have any problems contact ITS at 678-839-6587 or send an email to helpdesk@westga.edu

UWG Online is proud to support our military and offers several online and off-campus programs to meet the needs of military veterans, active service members, dependents and survivors as they pursue their educational goals or make the transition into a different career.

The Newnan Office of Student Services’ Student Development Specialist refers adult learners, veterans and dependents of veterans to the Veterans and Military Programs Office for assistance.

Please see our Military Options page.

Career Services offers a host of services for all students. Handshake lists off-campus part-time & full-time internship opportunities, on-campus interviews, and both on-campus & off-campus job fairs. The Careers website lists all available on-campus jobs and allows students to apply online.

Career Services offers an online service for mock interviews through SkillsFirst, which will record student interviews that they can send to Career Connections for evaluation or use the recordings for a self-evaluation. Students may access SkillsFirst on the Career Connections Website by clicking on “Students.”

Career Connections offers: career counseling, career development, student employment, job/internship search and networking events to all students.

Please contact Career Connections by phone (678-839-6431) or email (careers@westga.edu) for more information or to schedule an appointment.

The Newnan Office of Student Services’ Student Development Specialist refers Newnan Center students in need of career guidance to Career Services.

Most required software that may be used is either free or provided by the University of West Georgia to students directly or made available in campus labs, except in highly- specialized content areas.

Students may download software from Software Resources & Services (SRS) for free or at discounted rates using their UWG email account credentials.

The list of additional free software provided to all UWG students, includes but is not limited to: the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, file transfer software, and numerous task-specific applications are available both in on-campus labs, the UWG Newnan.

The university provides students with a UWG ID account, this account grants access to campus email (including calendar and Google Apps via Gmail.com), myUWG, CourseDen, the UWG Wireless Network (SecureWest), Parking Services, and the Campus Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The university also provides students with free personal web space. Many asynchronous and synchronous distance education technologies are available for use to enhance on-campus courses or deliver instruction. The primary tool used for this purpose is our course management system (Course Den/D2L), which includes, but is not limited to, discussion boards, email, and various types of online assessments.

A variety of additional distance education supplemental software, tools, and services are available freely to all instructors, students, and administrators: Zoom (virtual and asynchronous meetings), Respondus Lock Down Browser* (a custom browser that locks down the testing environment), CourseEval (online surveys), and online presentation tools such as Impatica, Camtasia, Respondus Studymate (interactive flash modules), and Quiz Creator. *note: Respondus Lockdown Browser is supported by ITS. Please contact them for questions, concerns, issues, etc.

UWG also offers Yuja, a video streaming service, to enhance the online classroom experience. Additional free software, services, and tools may also be made available, to suit the specific needs of the users involved.

Newnan students have the same access to technology as students on the main campus. A Student Information Technology Services (SITS) lab provides free computer services to students. UWG Newnan Academic Affairs department staff members and student SITS workers assist both faculty and students with computers, copiers, printers, online testing preparation, AV equipment, and other special instructional technologies. Some equipment is available for check-out by students. Students also have access to the wireless network. A newnanit-list@westga.edu email account allows faculty to submit IT requests. Faculty and student listservs and a Facebook account have improved communication among staff, faculty, and students.

Minimum Technology Requirements

A computer with audio capabilities, an internet connection, and a D2L (CourseDen) compatible browser is the only hardware necessary to support appropriate interactions. Additionally:

  • CourseDen and any other distance education supplemental software that a specific instructor may wish to use is provided freely to all students, faculty, and administrators.
  • So that off-campus and online students may have access to the same software applications available in on-campus computer labs, a virtual lab server is provided.
  • Tutor.com (online tutoring) is also available for all online students.
  • Newnan students have the same access to technology as students on the main campus. Some equipment is available for check-out by students. Students also have access to the wireless network.

For just-in-time help, both students and faculty can work with the UWG Distance Ed Helpline (678-839-6248) or Information Technology Services (678-839-6587) via phone, email, web-based application-sharing, or instant messaging, during normal campus business hours.

The UWG Online Helpline assists with the CourseDen course management system and related distance technologies, while Information Technology Services assists with more general network connectivity (wired and wireless), campus email, face to face classroom technologies, password resets, and our student information system (Self-Service Banner). Student Information Technology Services (SITS) is also available to students who need assistance with their personal computers.

In addition, the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents provides 24-hour / 365 day a year CourseDen / D2L support via an online searchable database and live toll-free phone or instant messaging.

In addition, eCore students can also receive technical assistance through the eCore Helpdesk, available Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST, by phone (678-839-5300) or email (ecore@westga.edu).

At the UWG Newnan site a Student Information Technology Services (SITS) lab provides free computer services to students. Newnan IT staff members and student SITS workers assist both faculty and students with computers, copiers, printers, online testing preparation, AV equipment, and other special instructional technologies.

Get involved with campus activities through the Center for Student Involvement and Inclusion. Their website offers information on Calendar of Events, Student Organizations, and links to various other programs.

You can also view all UWG activities on our Campus Calendar. There are also activities for Commuter or Online/Off-Campus Students. You can also check out the Weekends West Georgia calendar for fun and FREE events on weekends.

UWG Online has a strong physical presence on Facebook, Twitter (@UWGOnline), LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Newnan students are made aware of all student activities which occur on the main campus and are encouraged to participate when possible. A UWG Newnan website and Facebook page provide timely information. In addition, the UWG Newnan provides some activities which are specific to Newnan students and engages students in the city of Newnan’s activities. A newly planned Student Focus group will provide input for planning future student activities.

For prospective online students wanting to know more or get UWG Online updates:
"Like" UWG Online on Facebook or "follow" us on Twitter (@UWGOnline).

Many first year programs are available to assist students in the transition into college.

Some of the FYP programs are available to online/off-campus students. For example, course sections of XIDS 2002 (First Year Seminar) are taught online. In addition, there is a mentoring program specifically designed to assist students who live off-campus, called the “Freshman Commuter” peer mentoring program. A new mentor-based program, specifically for online students, is being developed.

For current online/off-campus students wanting to connect with other online UWG students:
"Like" UWG Online on Facebook or "follow" us on Twitter (@UWGOnline).

UWG eCore students also have access to the eCore Blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Some of the First Year Experience programs are available to online students. For example, course sections of UWG 1101 are taught online and a UWG 1101 course is offered at the Newnan Center each fall semester.

 The official University of West Georgia ID Card for the campus community is known as the Wolves Card. It allows students to:

  • Gain access to residence halls
  • Check out books at the Ingram Library
  • Receive free or discounted prices to plays, sporting events, and concerts
  • Access the Campus Center fitness area
  • Access Health Services and
  • Obtain a parking tag.
  • More information

Student ID cards are made in the University Community Center (UCC), Top Floor from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Campus Services also has a satellite office in the Momentum Center. Students can get ID cards made there, as well.

Exception for fully online students: UWG Students registered in online courses only, not attending classes at the Carrollton campus or UWG Newnan, are eligible to obtain their student ID Wolves Card via mail.

Newnan students may have ID’s made on the main campus. However, students may also elect to have their ID’s made in Newnan. Newnan staff members take ID photos and send them digitally to the main campus so that ID cards may be produced and then sent back to Newnan. (Parking tags are also available for pickup at the UWG Newnan when proof of the payment of transportation fees is presented by students.)


UWG Students taking all online or off-campus classes that visit the Carrollton campus must have their vehicle registered and display a current University of West Georgia hangtag or follow the visitor parking code.

Visitor Parking Code

Visitors should contact Parking Services, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., before or upon arrival to campus to register for a Visitor's Parking Permit. Visitors are allowed to park in any area designated for faculty, staff, or student parking. Visitors are not allowed to park in any area that is designated as a tow away zone, reserved, restricted, red, or yellow curbs. If a citation is received, the visitor should follow the instructions printed on the citation.

 For more information please contact Parking & Transportation Services.

Health Services are only available to students who pay the Health Services fee (exclusively online students are not automatically charged this fee)

Immunization Holds: The university cannot automatically exempt students in the online programs from the Immunization requirements because some online students are electing to take some on-campus courses. The good news, though, is applying for an exemption is easy:

Exclusively online students do not have to turn in immunization records; however, students must complete the form below to request exemption each and every semester. Fill out the top and bottom (Distance Learning portions) of the Immunization Form found at this UWG Health Services link. Check the last box for the distance learning exemption and then email a copy to immunize@westga.edu. For questions, please reach out to Health Services at 678-839-6452.

Students should be able to check their registration holds by logging in to Self-Service Banner via OneLogin (under Student Services and Financial Aid > Student Records > View Holds).

  • Medical Services: Students taking at least one class on campus are charged the student health fee as part of their tuition and fees and are eligible to receive medical services at the Health Center. Exclusively online students may choose to pay the student health fee and be eligible for services. You may check your health fee status via your Self-Service Banner account. The fee covers many services entirely while others carry additional charges. For more information on the services and fees, please contact Health Services at 678-839-6452.
  • Advocacy Services: All enrolled students are eligible for Advocacy Services which include medical, academic, and victim advocacy. Trained Advocated and a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner ae on call 24/7 to respond to victims of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and/or stalking.
  • Health Education Services: All students are eligible for Health Education Services. Health Education and a team of trained Peer Educators provide evidence -based health education and wellness programs. Class and group presentations, guest speakers, and interactive activities are offered each semester.
  • The College of Education offers a Comprehensive Community Clinic: dedicated to offering services for the community in special education, counseling, communication sciences and disorders, mathematics, and language and literacy. They are an educational training facility for undergraduate and graduate students to apply the skills and knowledge they gain during their academic studies in a highly supervised clinical environment. For more information on services offered by the Comprehensive Community Clinic, please contact them at 678-839-6145 or ccc@westga.edu.

  • Shuttle services to and from UWG and the Newnan Center are available Monday through Friday.


For more information about UWG and other health resources visit:


Exclusively online students do not have access to medical services unless they pay an optional health fee. However, they can elect to pay the $101 fee each semester in order to access campus medical services. The fee can be paid online through the Self-Service Banner account or at the Bursar’s Office. Students can contact Health Services at 678-839-6452 for services and information about eligibility.

As members of the academic community, all eCore and eMajor students are expected to recognize and uphold standards of intellectual and academic integrity: Academic Honesty Informative Page

eCore Helpdesk

eMajor Helpdesk

Complaints or Grade Challenges by Distance Learning Students

Online Students at times may wish to voice a complaint or ask about how to challenge a grade. UWG Online is a service unit. We provide training, support, and guidance on best practices. We may be able to work as a student advocate but we often do not have the authority to intervene in cases, other than issues created by a technical error. 

To formally challenge a grade or lodge an official complaint: Distance Education students in non-eCore/eMajor courses will follow the same procedures outlined for students who attend courses on campus. Policies and procedures are in the Student Handbook, available both in print and online, as well as on this comprehensive UWG Complaints and Appeals website.

For any process that requires a student to appear in person, the University may make other arrangements. For processes that cannot be completed via telephone, e-mail, or written correspondence, the University may set up a two-way video-conference site in place of a meeting on the UWG campus.

Distance Education students in eCore or eMajor courses must initiate the grade appeal procedure by completing the eCore or eMajor Student Grade Appeal Form. The appeal must be made within thirty (30) days after the grade is posted. The student must first complete Student Grade Appeal Form to initiate the process and acknowledge their understanding of the grade appeal process.

For students who do not wish to formally challenge a grade or lodge a complaint but who would still like guidance on an issue, please feel free to contact the UWG Online Help Desk at 678-839-6248 or online@westga.edu 

UWG Non-Discrimination Statement

UWG does not permit discrimination or harassment in our workplace, programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, or any other characteristic protected by institutional policy or state, local, or federal law. If an individual believes that he or she has been discriminated against, please contact the Social Equity/Title IX Office to file a report. Please be reminded that all UWG employeeswith the exception of counselors and health services personnel are mandatory reporters and must report acts of sexual misconduct to the Social Equity/Title IX Office.

  • Phone: 678-839-4977
  • Fax: 678-839-4798

For more information, students can visit the UWG Institutional Authorization and Consumer Information and Complaints website.

Admission to our university does not guarantee admission into a specific program or major course of study.

Online Degree and Certificate Programs may not be available in all states. If you are an out-of-state student, please contact Meggie Miller, the Director of Distance Education, to confirm that the program is available in your state. On the State Regulations page, we make every effort to help you locate the best known contact information for the appropriate state licensing board(s).

Our unit, UWG Online, has information and a spreadsheet available to try and help ascertain whether students from specific states may enroll in our online programs. However, the states can change their rules at any point in time and without sending notice to us. Therefore, the information on this website is not guaranteed to be current. Applicants should check with Meggie Miller, the Director of Distance Education, at the point of application. Also, see our consumer complaint information, as applicable.